Monday, July 31, 2006

In His Time ....

Went to school on Saturday. Had a staff meeting, to discuss the progress of students & the causes and prevention of mental retardation. It was an interesting discussion, we were talking about pregnancy, cervical dilation, birth canal ... needless to say it scared us: me, Jency and Vidhya. The guys ... I don't know what was goin through their heads. It was fun to watch them though .... they were tryin to look disinterested.
Anyway, later on we had choir practice and we sang 'In His Time'. After the practice we girls went out for dinner to Lynns. Nine of us, Chandini, Ashwini, Vidhya, Cheryl, Shiny, Anita, Stephina, Nameeta and me. It was nice, just sitting around and talkin ... had burgers and strawberry milk shakes.
Sunday mass was good, in fact it was funny. Fr. Antony, is young and his sermons are unconventional. He talks as though we are his friends, very casual and interesting. He was smiling and so were we. Then we sang our song. Folks said it was beautiful. In the afternoon paid a condolence visit to Shobha, met Punitha there. We got to talking about people we knew once upon a time... life and how we never know what may happen next.

In His Time, In His Time
He makes all things beautiful in His time
Lord my life to You I bring
with it's winter and it's spring
May I fathom everything in Your time

Case Files

Was updating records in school. Many new kids have joined and all their case histories have to be documented and filed away for future reference: the medicines they take, the delivery process, the seizures, the progress or arrest of disability ... everything has to be recorded. And the stuff I read was .... sad.

There's this cute kid, am really fond of him, he's autistic. He lives in his own world... he speaks but he cannot speak to us, he cannot socialise. One moment he is laughing a happy glowing lively look in his face, the next moment he is screaming and crying, like he is being tormented by unseen spirits. All this because he is autistic. And while going through his files, saw that his parents had tried to abort him. The mom had taken some abortion pills, but she did not complete the prescribed dosage.

There's another boy small kid, round 4, who was probably normal, but he got into trouble during the birth process, the doctor employed forceps and that damaged his head. He too can hardly walk.

There is another small girl, who has severe problems. She shakes a lot and she cannot walk. Her whole body just keeps shaking, constant spasms ... and she has no speech. She has a condition called dystonia. Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions, which force certain parts of the body into abnormal, sometimes painful, movements or postures. Here, her parents blood group was not compatible somethin to do with the Rh factor. They had her and then two years later they had another girl and she too has started showing the same symptoms.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random Stuff...

I caught J.K.Rowling on TV talking about her seventh Harry Potter book and she was saying that two important characters are going to die. I do hope it's Harry... maybe she will kill him by making him accidently trip over his wand or by falling off his chair. That's how she killed all the other important characters anyway... Sirius Black, falls through some freaking curtains, and that's it, he's dead. That is how she killed him and I liked Sirius!!! And Dumbledore, she makes him gobble up some poison to remove the 'locket' at the end of the bowl. The locket wasn't even a horcrux!!! It was some fake dumb ornament!!! Dumbledore dies for nothing!!! She kills off all these great people, like how you would swat a fly. So hoping the next person to die is Harry, he is irritating. But knowing her, she just might kill off Ron and Hermione... that is gonna suck. Hope it doesn't happen, ginny can go, so can ron's father ... I really don't want it to be Fred or George either.

Read something interesting in my Linguistics book. Linguistic research has shown that, the speech of men and women differ. Women tend to use the more proper form of the language, the standard form. Women also tend to ask more questions and they find it easier to muster the ability to identify with other people's feelings which gives their speech an emphatic quality. Men, on the other hand, interrupt more, dispute what has been said, introduce new topics and make more declarations of facts or opinions. Now isn't that something...

Caught just two matches of the World Cup, what with the exams and stuff. In the semi finals between France and Portugal, Zidane and Figo exchanged their sweat soaked jerseys and Zidane even put Figo's jersey on. The gesture was beautiful in a yucky way... exchange of sweat and dirt. The finals, between France and Italy, now that was something! I was like "What did he (zidane) just do!!!" Zidane walked away, then Materrazi said something, and he snapped, turned and charged straight into Materrazi! In a sense can't blame Zidane for losing his cool, it was his family he was defending, nothing else mattered at that moment, t'was a typical guy thing to do, using physical force. Materrazi too was being a typical guy doing what all guys do best, resorting to profanity under stress. If only Zidane had kept his cool and dealt with him after the match ... It was sad to see Zidane being sent out, what was still worse is he did not even come out to receive the medals!

Monday, July 24, 2006


This happened long back, probably 8 months back, at the bank. Was waiting there (not many ATM's out here) and this really old couple walked in. They had their pass book and they were talking to the bank guy, asking him stuff, it was obvious they weren't understanding much. The old man was getting flustered, he told his wife to seat her self and that he would take care of everything. She ignored him and he went back to trying to figure out whatever they were desperate to know. Things weren't going too well, when he turns to her again and tells her to sit down, that he would take care of everything. She ignores him again and stays there by his side. You could actually see the relief on the old man's face when she refused to sit down. It was so obvious he wanted her there, even if she wasn't saying much. As much as he wanted her to be away from this humiliating mess of being old and not understanding much, she knew he needed her there, with him. Made me wonder ...

This thing happened much recently, was upstairs in my room, studyin when I heard the gate of the neighbour's house being opened. It was 2am at night and my windows are always open, though the curtains were drawn. I heard somebody climbing the steps and then the man knocking on the door and saying 'Bama'. On hearing that, I relaxed, it was the guy next door (Bama's husband) returning home. My imagination was running wild, having just read Edgar Allen Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue". Anyway, Bama is obviously sound asleep, he keeps knocking the door and calling out her name. After the 8th attempt she answers "Varein" (coming). This guy immediately says "Medhua, medhua" (slowly, slowly). It was spontaneous ... he was just worried about her walking into something and getting hurt on her way to the door. That made me smile ...

Liberation means being free from things we don't like in order to be enslaved by things we approve of.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Relief! Unshackled! Feels good when you are done with some things ... like the exams. A sense of being free. Exams were okay, the studying was fun till I got fedup. But most of the stuff I read was rather interesting: the biography of many authors, the various mix of stories that brought reactions like "Wow! that is some story!" to "What did I just read!!! Did he really become famous for this!!!!!!!" . A few people that stood out were H.G.Wells (I liked the whole Eloi Morlocks theme), Charlotte Bronte, Eugene Francois Vidocq (Sherlcok Holmes was based on this real life character) and of course Shakespeare. Now he is some character... even the girls had something to say about him. Anju thinks Shakespeare is overrated, Shil said "To be or not to be - that's all I remember about him". Tina told me he is bisexual. Whatever he may be or not, his plays are anything but dull. Like somebody said, "Shakespeare tried all styles except simplicity." Read that Cleopatra died by pressing a snake to her breast. Relayed this to a friend at a price I will never forget... can you believe there are still people living in today's world who are bothered 'bout the state of Cleopatra's soul!!! I found that funny!
This world just keeps getting weirder by the minute ...

Experienced this truth too, this major gender distinctive trait. Man's inability to read between the lines, his failure to apprehend the emotions underlying the literal meaning of the woman's words ........... the very people you trust with your most beautiful, peaceful and happiest feelings are the very ones who will desecrate it. People surprise you in the most different ways, guess that's the only constant thing in life, change. Growth and change are the essence of life.
In a way, I got what I wanted ... I got forever.

It's a paradox, human beings are mocked and tormented by change as well as by lack of change.