Friday, November 10, 2006

Soaking October...

There's this song by Collin Raye, which goes like this...

She said: we're much too different
We're from two seperate worlds
And he admitted, she was partly right.

But in his heart's defense he told her
What they had in common
Was strong enough to bond them for life.

I laugh, I love, I hope, I try,
I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry.
And I know you do the same things too.
So we're really not that and you.

Man! That's so sad... if you don't fit in, you don't fit in... THAT'S IT!!!! Why write such a dumb song??? I hope the person he wrote it for had a nice laugh over it. Why can't people just understand that there are different levels of communication... people are exposed to different elements and different lifestyles... different ways of being brought up and educated. You cannot go around telling people, we are same because we have two eyes, two ears, one nose... please!!! No wonder, I like spending time with my kids... they make more sense than the adults I know! And by adults I mean relatives, and other irritating people who are thrust at you in the name of tradition/culture crap!

Anyway, no use talkin 'bout them... back to some things that have made the past month memorable. Anju turned up sometime last month and she had me in splits. She's like this mother hen you see in cartoons, all the henlings go running to her... they feel safe under her wings. Poor thing... but its hilarious.

Another guy who kinda knows how it is cause he has been down the same road I have, Ryan. I was tellin him about lying to God... and he said God knows what's really inside you, so don't worry about how it seems on the outside. Ryan, you will never know how much that means to me...

Mother (Sr. Magdalene) had gone to meet the DDRO (District Disability Rehabilitation Officer) something to do with the school. Now Mother is old & you have to speak slowly and clearly so that she understands. So the DDRO starts talking about his mom & he says that he had gone to meet her (his mom) at the hospital and when he saw her the feelings just rose from the pit of his stomach and reached his head and now it is all here. So he is indicating how the feelings rose and he is holding his head... when Mother says, you must use Vicks or Tiger Balm, your headache will go away. Man! that was so funny...

Talking of funny... here's somethin I heard on the Jay Leno show. Britney and Kevin Federline have split and now Kevin can be called... Fed Ex.

Fr. Antony, our parish priest had come home recently. I was standing outside the house when he came home on his bike, dressed in jeans, a nice fit white t-shirt with his cooling glasses dangling from the front. I couldn't recognise him... he has got to be the best dressed and the coolest priest on land! He's an amazing guy, he keeps us laughing & interested in his sermons. He's the second priest who has really made an impact on me... the first was Fr. Eugene in Abu Dhabi. The thing I remember about Fr. Eugene are his eyes, you could literally see/feel the joy flowing out of them... into the world. Fr. Antony is no less, he knows the Bible right from creation (Genesis) to destruction (Revelation). The best thing about this Father is that he doesn't come up with new interpretations... neither does he harp on about the old ones. He's cool... he explains everything from an historical point of view (he does a lot of research before his sermons) and its like watching those interesting, old stories on Discovery or History Channel... it makes you think... & wonder.

At school lots of things are going on. Jothi teacher has been bringing her little daughter Darshana to school the past few days, and that girl is like an angel... a very short tempered one.

Yesterday I was in the kids computer room, trying to get the computer to start. The smaller kids watch educational music videos/rhymes & the older students play computer games... anyway the computer wasn't coming to life, so I put my hand behind it to check the connections... when this lizard came running out from somewhere behind it. I started screaming and the kids started laughing... they drove the lizard away. They told me if I see any lizard again, I am suposed to tell them and they will drive it away... sometimes I don't know who takes care of whom.