Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stick a fork in me, I'm done...

They say guys fall in love with their eyes and girls fall in love with their ears... and this is so true. That's why when you ask a girl, who her favorite character (guy) from FRIENDS is, the answer is almost always Chandler. And how can you not love that guy, he is so funny and witty and he makes you laugh.

Anyway, I saw this on Orkut a few days back...
Today's Fortune: The guy who reads your future has lost his psychic powers (and his job too). We hope you feel lucky today.
Isn't that cute...

Everybody has somethin to say about Slumdog Millionaire, and I read this in the paper today and I sure liked what this guy had to say...
"The whole country, especially the political leadership, deserves to be complimented for toiling to keep the slums intact, without a trace of development. This was responsible for our success at the Oscars."

And this is from one of the funniest of them all...
Me: What are you giving up for the Lenten season?
Tonio: Vegetables
Me: You can't give up something you don't like. You have to give up something you like.
Tonio: Okay, I will stop eating grill chicken and settle only for tandoori. I will not order a large pizza, I will get a small one.
Me: Okay, do whatever you want. Lent is the time to give up something you really really like...
Tonio: Then I would have to give you up, and I can't do that... can I?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Change is never easy. You fight to hold on. You fight to let go.

Life was kinda boggling... so to take time off from thinking about it, thought of listing a few fun/ favorite things in life
  • Free Periods
  • Walking or strolling in my colony back home
  • Ice Creams (especially strawberry or hot chocolate fudge)
  • Little kids (when in the mood)
  • My country audio cassettes and Cd's
  • Tidy rooms
  • TNT / TCM movies
  • Rain
  • Sylvan Settings
  • Discovery / Animal Planet / National Geography Channels
  • Salwar kameeze's with pockets
  • Polo's or any mint sweet
  • Hanging out with M & V & N
  • My Lenses
  • Managebale Hair
  • Burning candles
  • Cold water baths
  • Calvin & Hobbes
  • Riding a bike/scooty in my place (here you can't really enjoy riding or driving, people turn deaf and then blind the minute they are on the roads, its crazy...)
  • Binu Sir's periods
  • Reading good books
  • pencil sketches
  • Elvis Presley
  • Cool smiling teachers
  • Casablanca - the song
  • Cute T-shirts
  • Beautiful mehendi designs
  • Sound of Music - the movie
  • Letters (received by post)
  • Ocean, Sky, Clouds
  • Beaches
  • Flowers (on plants and trees rather on anyone's head)
  • Writing (just for the heck of scribbling)
  • Black ink
  • Mom's food and desserts
  • Sun rays entering through a small opening into a dim room (angel rays)
  • Hometown Honeymoon - Alabama
  • Kit Kat
  • The pond (near college)
  • Passing notes during class
  • Lassi
  • The Little Mermaid (especially Prince Eric)
  • Two guys, a girl & a pizza place - TV show
  • Avalanche in Mocha's (Bombay)
  • Revolts in class like the one during the DSP period
  • EIE Uniform (the colour of earth)
  • Sev Puri, Dahi Puri
  • The photo session in PLC lab, and how we were posing and acting...
  • Disney songs
  • Unexpected holidays due to bandhs
  • Walks in the colony with anju...
  • All in All - Devotional Song
  • My short hair cut
  • single star in the sky to make a wish
  • Dashunds
  • St. Bernard's
  • The seminar hours in the 8th semester... cool drinks & cake & halwa...
  • Bageera in Jungle Book
  • French Kiss - the movie
  • Christmas Carols
  • Johhny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Moon
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Nothin to lose - Josh Gracin
  • Aeroplanes flying overhead
  • Alone time
  • Cooking somethin with music in the background
  • The chapel in my school
  • Hanging out at Shil's place...
  • Churches / Cathedrals (especially old ancient ones...)
  • My 6th sem desk filled with more than 50 quotes by me
  • Tanned or browned guys with a stubble
  • Prince Arutha of Crydee - The Magician by Raymond E. Feist
  • My room back home (Nam has shifted there now...)
  • Wiring / Sheeting lab in CIT
  • Window shopping or just strolling along in Colaba ( Bombay)
  • The sloth in Ice Age (sid... )
  • Orange juice in Krishna Bakery (Coimbatore)
  • Dark green / Bottle green colour
  • Swings
  • Chocolates
  • KMCH training: going into the operation theatre with a face mask, theatre gown & he head cap... we looked like surgeons.
  • Wedding gowns
  • Listening to music on loud volume when in the mood...
  • Seeing the Ozhughanesary board on my way back from Coimbatore
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • My jeans
  • Tap dancing
  • Horizons
  • Remember When - Alan Jackson
  • Waterfalls
  • You've Got Mail - the movie
  • Don Williams
  • A good conversation
  • Noodles
  • Lebanese / Arabic food
  • December the fun month
  • Waking on sand after a drizzle
  • Pune & Tata Honeywell (my one month there with Manoj was great, not to mention funny...)
  • Vineyards
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - Betty Smith (one of the most beautiful books I've ever read)
  • Angela's Ashes - Frank Mc Court (an awesome book...)
  • Really tiny, delicate flowers
  • Clean smelling laundry
  • Baklava - an arabic /greek sweet (tastes like heaven...)
  • Baking Pies - its easy
  • Saif ali Khan in Hum Tum
  • As the Deer - devotional song
  • The steadfast love of the Lord - another devotional song
  • Hanging out with my Muslim gang at work
  • Acceris Communications
  • The Reason is you - Hobostank
  • Serendipity - the movie
  • The cousins in Bombay... Tina another book loving soul like me, Sheena the epitome of proper fashion (always chic, cool and smart... ), Jovan with his half presence of mind, Jardin with his superior arguing skills, Megh's with her indomitable trait of cracking any silly but really funny pj's at the drop of a hat, and Shishir who observes all this and uses his trademark dialogue chal tok tok tok...
  • Santhi Nilayam - the school near my place for mentally challenged children. Love that place and the kids... when I think of those days it feels like warm sunshine all over again. I used to love waking up in the morning and going there, waiting for that yellow bus to turn the corner and come to a stop... seeing the kids spill out, hearing the familiar cacophony of sounds, everyday brought with it something new and exciting. It was one of the best times of my life.
  • The Christmas play I helped direct in church, one of the awesomest times ever... with those crazy shepherd boys...
  • The english choir and the beautiful songs that we used to practise and sing
  • Christmas season 2006; making all those stars, wreaths and cards
  • Dominoe's pizza
  • English Mass in St. Theresa's Church, Nungambakkam
  • Fisherman's Fare - Egmore
  • Baking beef pastries at home
  • Nice crepe sarees
  • Cotton street
  • Cinema Paradiso - the movie and its amazing soundtrack
  • Travelling the beach route on the way to office
  • The easy banter with the folks in my bay... gonna miss them when I leave.
  • Shoppers Stop
  • Frasier especially Dr. Niles Crane (from the TV show Frasier)
  • Bridges of Madison Coounty - Robert James Waller
  • Barbeque Nation
  • Joys of torrent
  • December holidays 2008: so much food and good times, the reception, the wedding, the birthday, the bride homecoming & New Year!! Awesome time ...
  • All the cousins back home - we had an awesome time at my brother's wedding.
  • Edward Cullen (only in Twilight, he loses his touch in the other books...)
  • And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie
  • Taylor Swift - Best Day with you, Love Story
  • Whose line is it anyway - TV Show
  • The Wonder Years- TV show
  • Emperor's New Groove - the animated movie
  • Chocolate Cake from Greatest Bakery
  • Riding the scooty to Puthalam and Manakudy to check on the rehabilitation centers that the school had set up for mentally challenged children in rural villages. The ride was awesome, these are coastal villages so riding there was sheer bliss... the smell of the ocean, the breeze in your face, and the mesmerizing horizon were the best companions.

    • Subway Sandwiches
    • Iced Lemon Tea
    • The Hangover
    • Jeff Corwin