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Tawusi Melek: The Peacock Angel

The Last Girl (2017) by a Yezidi survivor, Nadia Murad, is filled with the bone-chilling sort of evil that the ISIS is synonymous with. Nadia poignantly captures the plight of her Yazidi village, Kocho, as the threat of ISIS looms large in the distance before becoming a reality. As with the Holocaust, no one really anticipates the amount or intensity of evil that could reside in the indoctrinated hearts of men. Otherwise, nobody would willingly stay back in their towns or villages waiting for the genocide of their race. One of Nadia’s brother’s, Hezni, did try to go Germany, by crossing the northern Iraqi border on foot into Turkey, from where they (the brother and a few others) made their way to Istanbul, then paid a smuggler to take them into Greece. But they were discovered and had to spend a horrible time in prison. So, the fact is people did try to leave, but like Nadia explains, it isn’t easy to leave the only place one has ever known. I still think that being forced to leave you…
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After ourprevious day in Jaun, we slept in the next day. Woke up late and made rice and dal for lunch, and after that Vinod dropped us off in Bouchet on his way to work. We, me and Nam, took a train to Gare Cornavin, went to the tpg office and asked whether we could go to Coppet (a small little town on the outskirts of Geneva) with the Geneva day ticket. The tpg guy, very kindly changed our Geneva tickets which are about 11 swiss francs to 13.20 swiss francs so that we could travel to Coppet. Walked to the Castle We didn't go inside... Just walked around taking pictures The castle ground with uneven rocks...  The tree lined avenue opposite the castle The best part about the castle....  Paterns We loved walking under the shadows of this tree lined path The lake in the distance My sister... Me A peaceful place to rest under the trees The lake... The water jet of Geneva is seen in the distance We just walked around Coppet

Jaun Waterfalls

Day passes are an excellent way to travel in Switzerland. With a 40 Swiss franc day pass, one can travel the length and breadth of Switzerland in any of their public transport systems, be it the bus, the train or the ferry. These day passes have to be booked in advance, otherwise they pretty much get sold out. So anyway, we (me and Nam) had two day passes and we decided to check out Jaun waterfalls which is a few hours from Geneva. My brother dropped us off in Bouchet, on his way to work and we took tram 14 to Gare Cornavin, the main train station and from there a train to Bulle. At Bulle we discovered that the connecting bus to Jaun was every hour, and we had just missed ours, so instead of waiting for another hour we decided to check out the Chocolate factory nearby.  This is the cute Railway station near the Cailler chocolate factory, Broc Fabrique. The entry fee to the Cailler chocolate factory is 12chf for an adult, I went in with a student pass of 9chf (I showed them my researc…