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Paris day 2

The next day, had breakfast at the hotel then walked to the closest metro station, Marie de Montrogue, which is about ten minutes from the ibis hotel and booked a day pass for 7.50 euros per head, which is the cheapest (and the easiest) way of transport in Paris. You can hop on and off the metro any number of times with that ticket stub, we travelled by metro the whole day and it was pretty good. We struggled a bit with figuring out the metro map initially, but after a few minutes we got our metro groove back. I remember back in 2013, I was really fascinated by the extremely efficient metro system in Paris. I loved reading the metro map, figuring out the connections and deciding where to get off... it was the same this time. Somehow riding the metro gives you an undefinable high, it is the thrill of locating the right place, the thrill of people watching, the thrill of how you never have to wait for more than a minute to catch the next train, the thrill of street performers in the tra…
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Road trip to Paris

So we set out on our drive to Paris on a Monday morning at around 8:30 am, we had booked tickets to the Lourve museum at 3pm, and since Paris is just a five hour drive from Geneva we hoped to reach in time for that. We stopped at a petrol bunk to fill up on fuel and picked up some croissants for breakfast. This is the chocolate croissant I had... and it was pretty amazing. Usually gas station food is not that great, and we were kinda expecting that outcome but we were pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be some of the best croissants we've eaten on our trip... my brother says it's because everything made in Geneva is fresh and with quality ingredients. So yeah, thanks petrol bunk for some great croissants for the road. The drive to Paris was pleasant with farms and rolling hills and impressive castles on rolling hills... charming everywhere you look.  We drove straight to ibis where we had booked a room and where I had stayed in 2015 during the pilgrimage trip to Eur…