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The Tag.....

Anju had tagged me a long time back and I had forgotten about it until she tagged a few other people for the same thing recently(and I will never forgive her for tagging sajeeve! My poor mind was tortured reading his list regarding the amount of time pigs and lions take, being entangled in the throes of passion...)

Anyway, getting back to my list...

*If I walk into any room and I find the bed messy, my mind stops functioning. I just HAVE to clear the bed, make it neat and then get on with whatever I am supposed to be doing.

*Weird colour combinations make me so mad... if peope wear clothes that do not match or if the church altar is decorated in vividly loud colours that do not match... it again stops my mind from functioning. I cannot focus.... unless I will my mind to tune out and go to another place where everything is in harmony.

*I actually rock myself slowly to sleep.

*If you have seen curly haired babies/kids, you will know that they look amazingly beautiful (just like in the p…