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Fêtes de Genève

I miss reading The Hindu here... I miss the smell of it. Waking up and not seeing the paper, not waiting to read it... feels strange. Anyway, the day after we landed it was pouring non-stop and we had to pick up some stuff from Ikea, so after the rains stopped we got ready and walked to the bus stop.  Just a pretty scene on the way... our ticket taking skills were a bit rusty, but after a few minutes we figured out what to do.  Here's the ticket dispensing machine, you have to select where you want to go,  We selected the one hour pass (3 swiss francs/person) and dropped in six francs and out popped the ticket and we were good to go. It felt good taking bus no 23 after ages... me and Nam were all smiles as old memories kept popping by. Anyway, got off at Ikea, picked up our stuff then went to a Lebanese place,Parfums De Beyrouth, for dinner.  Had the Turkish buttermilk...  Some hummus and kuboos with lamb.  Some lamb dish (kefta kabab)... my brother had.  I had some falafel roll.…

Tertiary home...

So I am back at my tertiary home after two years and judging by the amount of visa-related drama it took to get here, this trip is already promising to be quite epic before it has even started. Till last week nothing was certain, the signs weren't hopeful and the 'travel planning' group on whatsapp was left in a huff of bureaucratic disdain and annoyance. Anyway at the very last minute things started falling into place and it feels good to be back here in Geneva with the siblings.
 We flew through Emirates and this was lunch on the Dubai bound flight, lentil curry with rice and avial... not that great.  Taking off from Dubai... Chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli on the flight to Geneva... again food wasn't that great. I remember Etihad food was really good, Qatar airways was okay too, but Emirates was surprisingly not upto these two.
 The fascinating terrain below...
Land, water, horizon...
Flying over some mountains...

Snow clad peaks jutting through the clouds...

Search your soul

Words scrawled across the skies

I took this picture when I had visited Rameshwaram recently and it seemed like the perfect backdrop for this poem.

Glide away...

This journal from Matrikas is quite possibly the best journal I've seen. Since the day I received it, I haven't been able to stop looking at it fondly, it is that beautiful and captivating. It has these therapeutic colouring pages that can immediately calm you down or add a spark to a lazy monotonous work day.
They come in four colours with four different motifs on the top and I opted for this dark blue one with the gliding fish and the word 'glide' incorporated into the gold embossed motif. Thank you Matrikas, this is a kick-ass product and I can't stop raving about it.  Purchased a few more from to give as gifts to friends. This is the reddish one with a feather embossed on it and the words 'write' scrawled nearby. This is the pretty dragonfly greyish journal with the word 'fly' at the tip. And here's another look at my favourite one, love this navy blue colour and the pretty fish with tail and fins like angel wings... gliding through…

In Her

Never gave up

You never gave up on me, she said, amazed.
I couldn't, he replied, I could see that
You were in the process of adapting
Yourself to a mundane, normal life,
Devoid of any passion, and I
Couldn't let that happen.

Why, she asked, more amazed than before.
'Cause you're my love, he replied softly.

~ Karen Xavier

After He Happened To Us

What can I say about a man who brought new meaning to life,
Life isn’t about just existing, he would often say
But Being Alive to the wonders of everyday moments.
This is what stands out most in his sermons:
The eagerness and joy in living a simple life made extraordinary 
By the power of love emanating from the Saviour within us.
And the Saviour’s Presence runs deep in this man,
So deep, that whenever he is near I am filled with peace.

It’s unexplainable, this effect he tends to have
He makes us aware of the same Divine Presence within us.
I acutely realize how fortunate I am to know him and call him a friend.
He has revolutionized our church, turned it into a second home 
Where friends and family converge often to make it what it is today;
A place buzzing with activity, goodwill and positive vibes.
Truth be said it is his energy and zeal buzzing in all of us 
Making us come alive to the magic of being.

Part of this magic of existence is change, evolution - law of nature;
It is inevitable, we will ha…


Home is never home without copious amount of fishfrolicking in rivers or lakesnongu sarbath (a palmyra fruit drink)being immersed in naturethe ocean breezeMathew's cake from Trivandrumdigging for treasure at the platform book shops in Trivandrumcoconut groves long walks in the colony with friendsmom's fun church/walking gangawesome mango + tender coconut shakes (with mangoes and tender coconuts from the farm)fun at a cousin's weddinginvariably running into teachers from school visiting school friends, getting all nostalgic, laughing, crying and huggingtacky multi coloured lighting at church festivalsinvariably receiving the good karma of lower berths on train journeys
A slideshow of home

The Great Sacrifice

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good (Genesis 1:31)
Initially everything in creation was good, the concept of bad or evil did not exist. The Supreme being did everything good, because that is what He is. The concept of bad or evil came about because of us, we gave power to the idea of ‘evil’, and made it a part of life. The phrase – both sides of a coin (good and bad being either side of the coin), was not a concept that existed during the conception of Creation. This introduction of the thought of evil or bad into the system of creation is symbolically represented in the story of Adam and Eve and their subsequent fall from Eden. Eden being a state of mind, the perfect place where everything in Creation was Good. Once mankind gave power to what did not exist - the Evil or Bad, he started experiencing the effects of it. One of them being Death, the fear and agony that surrounds this very word because of the unknown aspect hovering around it.

But going with the initial pre…

And when the earth fades...

And when the earth fades
Falls from my eyes
And you stand before me
I know You love me

I was in church with Jen yesterday when they started singing this song and immediately we glanced at each other and smiled. It is one of the songs we sang when we were in the choir and whenever I hear this song, this stanza makes time stop for a few minutes. Nothing that is happening around seems to register as I am suddenly transported to a moment between two worlds. That moment when the earth fades, you wonder how it will be... you wonder what comes next. There are a number of books we can read, stuff we can research to try to know what happens after we breathe our last breath... but I don't think anything can prepare us for the final event. It will be good, of course, no doubt there... life gets transformed, but still, that point, that exact moment when the earth fades... it's just too big to put into words, it always leaves me pondering, hoping that it will be as beautiful as my human mind …

Colourful Chaos

Celebrated Holi yesterday and it was pure madness... random people coming upto you and rubbing colour on your cheeks was a little disconcerting at first, but after a few minutes you get the hang of it and it's crazy fun after that. I've always wanted to be part of the colourful Holi celebrations, like the ones we see in movies and pictures of India... that look so captivating and brimming with energy. This was exactly like that, and despite the rainbow hued aftermath that followed, I know I want to do it all over again next year with better protection, now that I know what to expect. Play mostly with kids and people who give you the good vibe, ignore the rest and go with a bigger crowd.

Here's a slideshow of the pictures we took (use the link if the above video doesn't seem to play)...

Homegrown friends...

Have you noticed how some things never change, how time seems to stand still when you are with some people. For instance, with the siblings and cousins there's a timeless ease... we have grown up, got married, changed over the years, yet, at the same time we haven't. It was the same recently when friends from home had come to the city. All those years spent under a clear blue sky practicing for the choir... the natural high that comes after singing, laughing, hanging out together... that simple feeling of being alive and in love with the world, that's how it was the past few weeks roaming around with homegrown friends (a Zac Brown Band pun).

The Saturday choir practice sessions, ganging up after Sunday mass and the caroling craziness: those are some of the best memories of home. Those days are always shrouded in warm hues of sunshine, I still remember the gentle evening breeze with its warm summer scents seamlessly mingling with the notes of As the Deer, You are my All in…

December 2016 and January 2017

The last few months of 2016 were crazy in so many ways. First there was the money issue (when the higher denomination notes lost their value overnight) which created a mess of economic proportions. The insane queues at banks and ATM's and all the scrambling that was happening to make sense of it all, made November quite memorable.  Around the same time, Trump came out victorious which I thought was pretty hilarious... a sort of validation that people are the same everywhere, based on who we elected here.  Anyway, after the chaos of November, December came with her own brand of drama. I heard of Cyclone Nada, but I was busy in Nagercoil then enjoying a birthday party...Even that was fun, surprising the birthday girl who did not know that I was at the airport with dad. She walks up and down and I'm hiding behind the newspaper pretending to read it, then I see Manoj by her side, and they finally come out and she is hugging my dad and after that I walk up behind her and tap her on t…