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Florence day 2

Our second day in Florence we woke up quite late causethe previous day we were out till 2 am trying to locate Florence's secret bakeries, but we couldn't. Anyway, the next morning we walked to this famous pharmacy , Santa Maria Novella, which is the oldest historic pharmacy in the whole of Europe. It was started four centuries ago by Dominican monks who prepared elixirs, ointments and balms with herbs and flowers and apparently the same formula is used to date.  This is us, stepping out for the day... Inside the posh pharmacy... Everything smells nice... the architecture of the old building which was a convent long back is quite captivating. This was probably a chapel in the convent, look at that choir bench... And check out my outfit, both the t-shirt and jeans are from Max. Anyway, this was how I travelled just the necessary clothes, a couple of jeans, a few t-shirts and a couple of dresses. A closer look at my t-shirt... I love this wolf.  Swans straining... The roof at th…