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Annecy 2017

During the last weekend in August we decided to visit Annecy, since every last Saturday of the month they have this huge flea market in the old town of Annecy. So we wake up late on Saturday, pack our things, have some
breakfast of grapes and berries... with yogurt and then we're ready to hit the road. Annecy is only 45 minutes from Geneva. The plan was to leisurely stroll around, take in the sights of Annecy and then drive to Chamonix to spend the night. But we left home quite late, around 12:30 pm and while walking to the old town, I see this charming book store... couldn't go in to explore, strapped for time.   And this is Annecy, located in the north of the French Alps. Annecy is really beautiful... small, charming and delightful, no wonder it is nicknamed 'Pearl of the French Alps'. Annecy is also known as 'Venice of the Alps' or the 'Venice of Savoy' but the truth is Venice can't come close to the beauty of this pristine alpine town. The old t…

Lyon and Dumplings

Woke up in Lyon  and immediately went to look out the window, I was somehow fascinated to be living in this old part of town where there are hardly any vehicles, just foot traffic.  Road trip companions smiling from our airbnb apartment window. We got ready, took a few pictures... Then crossed the river Saône, and walked to the other side of Lyon. Lyon, the city is nestled at the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers.  And that is the Notre Dame church on the hill.... the steps to which are right outside our apartment door. Searching for something to eat we end up at this nice bakery... where there is so much to choose from. Desserts My sister gets a chicken burger... Jude, some rather nice chicken sandwich... And I pick up two quiches, one was a ham and cheese quiche and the other a spinach and salmon one. The ham and cheese was quite good, the salmon wasn't that great so ate half and fed the rest to the pigeons on our walk back to the apartment. Some pretty statue and fountain…