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Inception... what really happens?

Saw Inception yesterday and boy! oh boy! the movie was complexly entertaining. It was like trying to figure out an Algebra problem, you had to meticulously work out each step to arrive at x (x being what the heck is going on). Once you figure out what is going on, you automatically recheck all the steps to see whether you have arrived at the proper value of x. You're convinced that you've arrived at the right answer and that you've solved the equation, yet there is this niggling doubt, you anyway hand in your paper and the teacher starts correcting it. You stand by watching (in slow motion) as she checks each step and and just before she reaches the last step, you get distracted by your group of friends waiting yonder for you, (its the last period of the day anyway and you just want to get out) so you leave and there's no knowing whether you arrived at the right answer. Who cares anyway, you are with your friends and you are going home... you will talk about Leonardo d…

The tournament of all tournaments... and then some movies and books.

Oh Man! Its been way too long since I posted something in here... not that anyone noticed. Those who did notice were probably jobless, okay, I'm kidding... don't stop reading my blog people.

First things first, how great was the past month... pretty exciting right, all the World Cup drama. Staying awake late into the night watching the match, admiring Diego Maradona and his uncontrollable energy stalking the sidelines, dancing the waka waka with Shakira, marveling at how good Beckham looks in a suit, hating all those referees who made bad decisions, especially hating Netherlands cause they defeated Brazil, then thanking the Gods that Brazil didn't have a chance to play with Germany (the way they slaughtered the Argentinians was bad enough, I wouldn't have been able to bear it had they done the same to Brazil), crying with Japan and especially Ghana when they failed to qualify for the next round (Gyan, I feel for you), developing a crush on David Villa when I finally …