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How will it end?

Well, today marks one year since more than 200 girls in Nigeria were kidnapped in 2014 and so far, they haven't been rescued. I have thought about these girls quite often over the past year, wondering about their plight. I hoped that they would be rescued soon, the girls must have felt the same... that people would come for them. It's been a year now and I wonder what they are thinking... 
How will it end? 

This is something I jotted down after reading headline after headline of all the horrors perpetuated in the name of religion. I sometimes think this world is way too crazy to make any sense of it. When people take their religious beliefs too seriously, the very purpose of religion gets defeated. Isn't religion supposed to enlighten us and set us free, why do people then make the fatal mistake of letting it enslave them and turn them into raving fanatics? Religion is supposed to propagate hope, peace, forgiveness, brotherhood, love and joy. Any religion that does not str…