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Palak Paneer (Cottage cheese in a creamy spinach gravy)

Here's another Paneer dish that I really like... but rarely make cause when the word spinach is mentioned at home I get looks of revulsion. My mom in law brought home some beautiful spinach from the market and they were too pretty to chop up and cook into a coconut induced coma (that's what happens to most of the vegetables cooked in a south indian household... people have a thing for coconuts here). Anyway, getting back to this awesome palak paneer... my sister liked it, which says a lot cause she was the one who gave me this dirty look when I mentioned I was gonna make palak paneer for lunch.
First off, wash the pretty spinach leaves.
Take little water in a vessel, drop the leaves inside and let them cook for a few minutes. Spinach cooks really soon, and it gives off water too... so make sure you take little water while you cook the spinach. Here they are nicely cooked... drop only the leaves into a food processor and blend them to form a vivid green paste. Chop up your paneer…


So after the evening mass on Sunday, we decided to go out for dinner and that's how we ended up at Eatalica. And boy, I'm so glad we did... the food was really really good, both in quantity and quality, and it was quite easy on the pocket too. But the most striking feature of this place is its menu card, it cracked me up. Every time we (me, my sister and Tonio) wanted to order something we would start laughing... all the items on the menu were modified names of Hollywood celebrities. Sample this...

This chicken steak burger is called Tommy Lee Bones.

This chicken sizzler is called Henzel Washington.

This beef sizzler is called Kurt Cowbain.

These deep fried prawns are called Pierce Prawnson.
The garlic bread we ordered was called Bred Astaire, the chocolate milk shake we had was called Calista Chochart. It was all so hilarious... here are a few other names on the menu: Smiley Cyrus, Trihanna, Beyonce Knowles (brownie with hot chocolate sauce), Jodie Froster ice cream, Chillar…