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Florence day 1

Afterexploring Rome on our second day in Italy, the third day was spent falling in love with Florence, or Firenze as it is called over there. Firenze is filled with churches, at least the old town is, every corner you come across a church. Some are massive with impressive architecture, others are diminutive in nature, yet every place of worship is inordinately beautiful. Our previous parish priest was in Florence for many years and he has been transferred to the Vatican now, so we decided to meet up in Florence. We went church hopping and it was pretty incredible... art everywhere, the churches are covered in art from floor to ceiling.  First we visited the Santa Maria Novella Church, otherwise known as the church of our Lady of Good News and saw a pox marked Christ inside, depicting he too understood the pain of those suffering from the plague (I think)... Starry ceiling, the light and paintings everywhere... Pretty stained glass windows.. Oh, this is the stand where the huge religi…