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Exploring Geneva and CERN

After listening to Gregorian chants and falling even more in love with Florence on our last day here, the time had come to leave. So we woke up quite early, checked out, walked to Florence train station, purchased our tickets, bought breakfast and ran to catch the train and once we were inside we realised we hadn't stamped the tickets. So we were wandering what to do, whether we could get down in one of the stations along the way to punch our tickets... so while we were walking in the train and wondering, we come across a lady in the trenitalia uniform, so while I was a bit apprehensive whether we should ask, what if she fines us... my sister walks upto her and shows her our tickets and tells her that we forgot to stamp them in our hurry. The ticket lady sweetly says that's not a problem and punches them for us on the spot. After that we were a bit relieved, otherwise you've got to pay fine if they see that you haven't time punched your ticket. Anyway, settled down fo…