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So pink and cute and tiny, he came out a week early.

Went to meet Medow and her newborn baby at the hospital. He's so cute, so cute, so cute..... I wanted to hold him but I was so scared. He is so small and pink and tiny and smooth and so delicately soft... I was afraid of not holding him in the right way, and I did not want to disturb him, he looked peaceful in his sleep, his eyes shut so tight, oblivious to all the excitement he was causing. Medow looks radiant and happy to be done with the ordeal. I think they are all brave... all the ladies who have given birth. It's still a wonder to me...
How long will it be a wonder... I wonder.

Designing Woman

I saw this really old movie today, Designing Woman and it took me back to those good old days when I had TCM. It was nice seeing this simple neat and decent, fun movie. Gregory Peck looks good as usual.
Actually watching a movie after a long long time... the last movie I saw was Superman Returns and I hated it... there was nothing, no story, no plot... just a Brandon Routh flying around and saving that really irritating Louis. What really pissed me off even more was her irritaing son with his freaking inhaler, who is actually superman's kid... how truly amazing!!! And Lex Luthor is not worth mentioning. The Lex Luthor on Smallville is so much better... and cuter too.
Saw Brokeback Mountain before that... was thoroughly disgusted... stupid stupid movie!!! Two cowboys are left all alone on the mountains and suddenly they become gay... and people actually liked that movie, it won the oscar's for somethin...

Self Preservation

Yesterday was rather fun too... it was the feast of the assumption of Mother Mary. The church was decorated beautifully and we sang 'Ave Maria'.... I liked the latin chorus. The choir group came over for lunch. A few girls dropped in early and they helped out in the kitchen. Food was good... Ended the day watching One Tree Hill... Hailey's song was nice & Brooke sure is interesting.

Two undying passions...

Had the Saturday off, FINALLY!!!!! It's been long since I was able to sleep well into the day. Wanted to wake up late on Saturday, but Sr. Ancy rang up at 7:30 am and after that I couldn't go back to sleep. The things I go through for having sisters and fathers as friends... ;-)
Anyway, it was nothing important so I got to spend the day with some of the best things in life, books and ice cream. There was a lot of cocoa powder at home so I made a chocolate sauce, wanted to eat hot chocolate fudge, and it came out pretty good. That book 'Tis by Frank McCourt is amazing. I loved the first part to that book "Angela's Ashes".
Have to go to school now, there's a medical checkup for the children.

His mercies never come to an end...

Let's see... what can I jot down here. Made candles and they came out quite good. Felt good to do something like this after a long long time. Cheryl and Vidhya were here too and they liked the whole candle making process.
Anyway, I cooked on Sunday, made butter chicken and bread crumb chicken. It was nice to finally have the time to cook after the exams and stuff. Marinating, using the pressure cooker, getting that first whiff, listenin to the crackling sound of things frying... it's therapeutic. Caught Alladin on TV after a long long time, the Walt Disney one... it was one of my favourite cartoons growing up. I remember wanting to be beautiful like Jasmine, and falling for somebody who could take me on a magic carpet ride... it was good watching it now, knowing that I had a ride like that and it was beautiful. What else, yeah had to receive a TT shot, cause Milton bit me & the shot was more painful than the bite... miss that kid, wonder how he is doing. Wonder if his mom…