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Some really great movies...

The Fox and the Child (Le renard et l'enfant)This is an amazingly beautiful movie, its a story about this little girl's fascination with a fox and how she roams the mountain side searching for the wild fox. The entire movie is set against the backdrop of some mountains in France and each and every frame is blindingly pure and pristine, it'll make you wish you were living in that little mountainside village instead of in a city thick with smoke and people. Another interesting thing about the movie is that there are hardly any people in it... just the little freckled girl (with her hair rolled up into buns at the side of her head, very cute) and the elusive fox. Kate Winslet narrates the story in English and the movie takes on a documentary tone... oh, don't roll your eyes, when I say documentary I mean it in a good way, like those amazing documentaries on discovery or the natural geographic channel. Watch that movie, you will love it... and then start saving for that tr…

Interesting churches from around the world...

Came across these spectacular churches while trying to search for simple and rustic ideas for my (very soon to be constructed) church back home. Thorn Crown Chapel This is the Thorn Crown Chapel located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas... looks pretty neat huh.
Church of Hallgrímur

The Hallgrímskirkja (a Lutheran church) is located in Iceland, and it is designed to resemble basalt lava flows that are characteristic of Iceland. The church is also used as an observation tower.
Chapelle of Saint Michel
The Chapelle of Saint Michel perched atop a needle of a rock is located in Auvergne, France. 268 stone steps wind their way up to this quaint little ancient church. Doesn't it look absolutely dreamy... Borgund Stave Church
This is the Borgund Stave Church located in Lærdal, Norway... t'was built somewhere in the late 12th century, definitely awesome. Las Lajas Cathedral

The Las Lajas Cathedral (Sanctuary of our Lady) located in Columbia, South America is certainly awe inspiring and majestic. Leg…

Will You begin right where I end

This song by Josh Wilson is exactly what keeps me goin... well, not the song as such, but the prayer in the song, even put the best line up there as the title. It's what we all really want, right, for Him to take over when our time here ends... otherwise what would be the meaning of existence?

Savior, please take my hand I work so hard, I live so fast
This life begins, and then it ends
And I do the best that I can, but I don't know how long I'll last

I try to be so tough
But I'm just not strong enough
I can't do this alone, God I need You to hold on to me
I try to be good enough
But I'm nothing without Your love
Savior, please keep saving me

Savior, please help me stand
I fall so hard, I fade so fast
Will You begin right where I end
And be the God of all I am because You're all I have

Everything You are to me
Is everything I'll ever need
And I am learning to believe
That I don't have to prove a thing
'Cause You're the one who's saving me