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The 'Why' people and Nam...hilarious encounters.

You know how people are always on your case in a small town... if you are not married they keep wanting to know why, and after you get married if you happen to be a few months late in sporting a protruding belly, they want to know why again. It's the small town way of life... and me and my sister (Nam) are pretty used to it. My sister takes it up a notch by having fun at these people's expense... read this conversation she had recently with an acquaintance.

Acq: Howz life? Any good news?

Nam: Good. Yeah, my cousin is getting married.

Acq: I asked with you

Nam: Oh I already got married. How's your wife?

Acq: We are waiting. Her due date is on April 1st.

Nam: oooooh nice!! congrats!

Acq: When will you say?

Nam: I just said congrats

Acq: Thank you... so, when should I say congrats?

Nam: Your wife, you can say anytime na...

She sent me this chat transcript and I found it hilarious... almost reminded me of Harvey Specter. He does this too, deliberately misunderstands to have a…