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Never gave up

You never gave up on me, she said, amazed.
I couldn't, he replied, I could see that
You were in the process of adapting
Yourself to a mundane, normal life,
Devoid of any passion, and I
Couldn't let that happen.

Why, she asked, more amazed than before.
'Cause you're my love, he replied softly.

~ Karen Xavier

After He Happened To Us

What can I say about a man who brought new meaning to life,
Life isn’t about just existing, he would often say
But Being Alive to the wonders of everyday moments.
This is what stands out most in his sermons:
The eagerness and joy in living a simple life made extraordinary 
By the power of love emanating from the Saviour within us.
And the Saviour’s Presence runs deep in this man,
So deep, that whenever he is near I am filled with peace.

It’s unexplainable, this effect he tends to have
He makes us aware of the same Divine Presence within us.
I acutely realize how fortunate I am to know him and call him a friend.
He has revolutionized our church, turned it into a second home 
Where friends and family converge often to make it what it is today;
A place buzzing with activity, goodwill and positive vibes.
Truth be said it is his energy and zeal buzzing in all of us 
Making us come alive to the magic of being.

Part of this magic of existence is change, evolution - law of nature;
It is inevitable, we will ha…


Home is never home without copious amount of fishfrolicking in rivers or lakesnongu sarbath (a palmyra fruit drink)being immersed in naturethe ocean breezeMathew's cake from Trivandrumdigging for treasure at the platform book shops in Trivandrumcoconut groves long walks in the colony with friendsmom's fun church/walking gangawesome mango + tender coconut shakes (with mangoes and tender coconuts from the farm)fun at a cousin's weddinginvariably running into teachers from school visiting school friends, getting all nostalgic, laughing, crying and huggingtacky multi coloured lighting at church festivalsinvariably receiving the good karma of lower berths on train journeys
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