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Whatsapp one-liners that cracked me up...

There is nothing like reading a properly phrased remark during a conversation with friends or cousins. While discussing the mundane and the not so mundane occurrences in the world outside, reading the succinctly and wittingly made points is a pleasure that wraps around you and keeps you grinning, while you go about your blessed ordinary life. Here are some whatsapp one-liners by a few crazy cousins of mine... 
Saj: Please offer him my felicitations on the anniversary of his natal day
(I was at a birthday party and I sent a picture of the birthday cake to my cousin...)Megs: They are chaadi buddies.
(While discussing two other cousins and how they never get into arguments with each other)Saj: You are like a lotus in the ditch
(A weird compliment...)Jude: Is your modesty shaking with outrage?Saj: O sleep! O gentle sleep! Nature's soft nurse, how have I frightened thee.
(Saying goodnight...)Saj: Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall goodnight till it be morrow.