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Loreto, Assisi

After visiting Padua and Venice  in the previous travel post, we ended up in Loreto, where after some good breakfast at the hotel  along with these awesome chocolatey biscutey things I picked up in Paris we set out to explore the famous church we saw last night. We walked to the church of Loretto where a few friends (priests) of our parish priest were waiting for us, and they explained the legend surrounding the church of the Black Madonna in Loreto.  Legend has it that this is the house of the Holy Family where Jesus grew up. Apparently there was some pillaging going on in Nazareth, during the reign of some ancient figure, and to avoid damage to the house of the Holy Family, angels carried the structure across the skies and placed it in Loretto in Italy, as depicted on this stone plaque. (I know... I don't know what to make of it either. But it all depends on you, what you believe, you make it your reality.) So after walking around, we went to the underground chapel and a mass was…