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Something funny...

Wanted to write this down before I forget it...

Ryan: We're having a gig on thursday, trying out somethin new, the jazz and the blues.

Me: If you guys were here, you could play at my wedding.....
'The blues', nice theme for a weddin... huh?

Ryan: Yeah. Then it would be'somethin new, somethin old, somethin borrowed and somethinryan's band.'

Another friend, Jude was tellin me about a beautiful sunday morning he spent in church...
btw i went to a baptism this morning, poor kid was bawling his heart out, while the priest was busy banishing original sin from his psyche.

Dust you are....

Unto dust you shall return...
Ash Wednesday just passed by and as it always does, it makes everythin seem so unreal. All the people you admire, respect, despise, love, hate... everybody eventually ends up as dust.

Anyway talking about dust reminds me of this joke I read somewhere...
A few scientists had finally after years of research found out how to create life. So they approach God and say, "We found out how to create life, we don't need to worship you anymore. We are now equal."
So God says, "That's very interesting, let's see you perform this feat."
The scientists bend down to pick up some dirt and start the process of forming a life when God says, "Not so fast, use your own soil...."

What was that.....

A few sisters from the congregation I work with had gone to their convent in Madhya Pradesh once. They wanted to buy chicken and the shopkeeper couldn't understand what they were trying to tell him. One sister finally said "Aanda ki ma..." (mother of an egg). Mother told us this incident and I couldn't stop laughing, I found it really funny.

This happened a few months back while I was preparing a list of the board members to get somethin registered. The sisters are telling me the names of the other sisters on the board one by one and I am typing them up, when they read somethin like Sr. Geeree Goree and I was like, 'what was that?' So they read it again the same way and I was like 'what kind of a name is that?' I looked into the registration file and finally found her... Sr. Gregory.

All the way from Kuwait...

that girl carried a beautfiul box, with hieroglyphics engraved on its side and a sphinx on the cover.... with a bottle of Bailey's original Irish cream inside.
Just when you are fed up with stuff or dealing with utter madening chaos, she comes along like an angel with somethin to drink.... so I can go, "You can kiss my glass..."
Shil reminds me of the saying.... "A good friend helps you move, a real friend helps you move bodies."
P.S: I love the carved box too...

rj's mj's and sj's

Just thought of listing out a few jokes by ryan (rj), megh' s (mj) & sheena (sj).

Fr. Tony had come over and he started talking about marriages. He said there are 3 categories of marriages. The first 5 % are based on carnal pleasure, they live like animals. The next 90% are marriages of convenience, this is also the problematic group, they have the most number of problems. The next 5% comprises the responsible marriages, these are the marriages that last. Anyway, so ryan and meghs were discussin this... and they came to a conclusion. If you are not playing the game, then you can't go about setting the rules (or categorising).

Here's an rj
me: "Be good, don't do anythin I wouldn't do."
ryan: "I can't promise you that, I am too used to peeing standing up."

This is an mj
Tanya : He's (some guy) not used to people
Tanya's mom: Then introduce him to animals.
Megh's: Better yet, give him a Nokia phone, it connect's people.

An s…

Forget Paris....

Was just surfing through channels, when I came across this movie. I was hooked... its got a wise-cracking Billy Crystal & I knew exactly how Debra could fall for him... who wouldn't! He's really funny here.... every sentence he says makes you laugh.
Billy loses his father's casket at the Paris airport, that's where he meets Debra, anyway so the body has been quarantined for health reasons and Billy screams, "He's dead! He has no health!"
Just watch the movie... its great.

Elie Wiesel

Read this amazing book at Tina's place, Night by Elie Wiesel. It's an 'Oprah Book club' book and it's really something. Guaranteed to make you hate the Nazis, its about Elie's life at Hitler's death camps. Reading the book will make you wonder about God, just like Elie did... how could a God sit back and watch so many people being tortured.... parents seeing their babies being used as target practice, children watching their parents being beaten to death, everybody lying in constant fear of the chimneys, the smell of burnt flesh.... goes beyond me. Here are a few excerpts from the book...
Never shall I forget that night,
the first night in camp,
which has turned my life into one long night,
seven times cursed and seven times sealed.
Never shall I forget that smoke.
Never shall I forget the little faces of the children,
whose bodies I saw turned into wreaths of smoke beneath a silent blue sky.
Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my faith forever.

Glimpses of Mumbai…..

Took this picture while I was stuck in traffic for an unbearably long time, on the way to Megh’s place.
This is a nice picture, a picture of rotund bliss.

This is Mom's school, she showed me where she used to study, play, eat and do exercise. We visited the school chapel too and mom was reminiscing about the past.

Charlie's angels.... Everybody has grown up so much.... two are getting hitched this year, the other three are enjoying life in college... or rather just enjoying life, they hardly attend college.

yeah its always good going back... some things don't change.

I'm off to see the cousins.....

Was in bombay the past few days... I really like that place (except for the traffic jams) . Did a lot of shopping and a lot of watching (especially Lincoln in Prison Break) .

The girls thought the younger brother Michael was more cuter, he IS kinda cute like a girl.... but the elder brother is better looking... nice jaw line. Anyway, the show was okay... nothing great, it had its stupid moments. I don't understand how people do not sense danger in these serials. There is this lawyer girl who goes to meet a guy at this deserted place, cause he has information that might set lincoln free. And she sets off to meet this guy alone!!!! Obviously she being one of the main characters does not die... maybe that's why all these main characters are so brave, they know they cannot die now, just when the show has started.

Went to this Jeans factory while at Megh's place, they manufacture jeans for Spykar. Its a nice place, started by this young boy who must be about 20. At his age, he&…