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Dancing King

In memory of Mehemei Kumar, an 18 year old with Down's Syndrome, who left us on January 19th, 2007 to enter the Kingdom of God.
Dance was his passion, it was through dance, we could get him to do his work. He was a big brother to all the other kids, he used to take care of them. He wanted to work and earn for his mother, but he had no idea how to. We placed him in a company once, but they had to send him back... instead of working, he would dance. He was a naughty guy who loved his mother and the sisters (in school) above anythin else on this planet. When the Tsunami struck his district, he somehow escaped the killer waves and headed straight to school. He was a boy struggling to be understood... to be accepted for what he is. Sometimes when he didn't feel like going home, he would stay in the convent with the sisters and they would take care of him. The sisters taught him to pray and he learnt to pray beautifully in his own characteristic language... we wouldn't understand…

A glance at 2006

People and their various roles.....

Just thought of listing out a few people and the roles they play in my world....

Nameeta * My TV guide: She reminds me to watch Tv.... she knows when the reruns are and I started watching Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, American Idol, etc. because of her. (She used to watch that irritating alien serial too Roswell, that was one silly show)
* My sider: She's on my side, while arguing with the parents.
Manoj and Vinod
* My laughter generators: There's nobody on this world, who can make me laugh like they do.
* My extravagant Genie's: All I have to do is say the word, and the next thing you know its on its way to me. (I have asked for chocolates and books... and they bring them in excess.)

Shilpa and Anju * My very own Reality tv/Sitcom shows: Their lives are very entertaining. Shil turns everything into an event, while Anju is a magnet that attracts all weirdos out there.
* My psychiatrists: Yeah, they listen and give good advice. At the end of it all, Shil, is ready to bash up …

Bishop Leon Tharmaraj

Rev. Bishop Leon Tharmaraj, passed away early this morning. He's an amazing person with a strong will and a compassionate soul. We sure are going to miss him.....
May his soul find everlasting peace with You Lord.

"He who believes in Me shall not die but haveeternal life."

Eternal life, that's what we all should strive for.


Mother, getting it started.
Overflowing.... this is the most important part, they start shouting pongaloooooo, pongal. You can see Raja there, his hands on his cheeks, he could hardly control his excitement. Jasper, helping out with the cooking..... that's coconut by the way. Monica trying to stir and pose at the same time...
Cashewnut, spices and currents, frying in fresh homemade ghee... it sure smelt good. I know, a whole lot of pictures..... but this looks nice. My plate, at my work place.... had to finish some work before the long pongal holidays. The food was really good, that's sugarcane and banana on the plate.
P.S: This post is dedicated to Sajeeve, cause he wanted to see some pongally pictures.