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Our flight tickets to Pisa (both to and fro) were only 160 euros for three of us on Easy Jet, and we had booked them only a few weeks before our trip. Our flight was in the afternoon, and lunch was
white rice with vatha kuzhambu thokku (from Grand sweets) and some yogurt. I've never bought stuff from Grand sweets before. When my sister came down to Madras, she wanted to pick up some stuff from Grand sweets, she heard about these thokkus from her friends in the US. Apparently it is quite famous among the US going crowd, they buy many bottles of this stuff to eat with rice. I can see why this stuff flies off the shelves quite fast, it is really good and extremely convenient when you're in a hurry or exhausted. When we had to catch our flight to Pisa on a Monday afternoon, the thokku proved handy as we quickly ate this simple food then took bus 23 to the airport. At the airport, it was quite funny... the aircraft came to a halt right outside our boarding gate, like an Uber or an…

Chamonix 2017

Woke up in Chamonix on a Sunday and first thing we did was search for places to stay in Florence, 'casue the next day we were flying to Pisa. This whole Europe trip was unplanned and maybe that's why it worked out better than expected, we just went with the flow. This was our first trip to Florence and we had no idea where to book a place to stay, so we booked a room near the Santa Maria Novella station. But the best place to stay would be right in the heart of Florence, in the old town, near the Duomo and the Arno river. So anyway, we booked our rooms in Florence then got ready for Sunday mass.                                                 One last look out the window from our room  and we made our way downstairs to the hotel lobby and checked out. View outside the hotel... I had to take a picture of this Anokhi dress that I was wearing for the first time with the mountains in the background. Check out the block print on the dress.... St. Michael's church in Chamonix wh…