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World Cup 2014, Brasil... so far

This world cup is proving to be far more exciting and entertaining than usual... I started watching the world cup in 2002, that was when college had just concluded and there wasn't anything else to do. So as I was switching channels, I came across a game on TV and Brazil were playing and I really didn't know any of the players or the rules of the game... but one guy kept me hooked,Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, and that is why I started watching the biggest game on the planet, solely because of this one guy. Brasil winning the world cup that year cemented my interest in this once-in-four-years event that takes over the globe. 
So anyway, this year with whatsapp and instagram, the world cup experience has gone up a whole new level... there are continuous discussions on whatsapp with cousins and friends while the match is going on, hilarious memes are shared and passed around, goals are discussed, cute players are discussed even more... in short, we are having a great time hangi…