Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A slumber did my spirit seal....

It's been a while... I don't know where to start. School reopened last week and I get reports every alternate day from the sisters (either they call up or I do), I miss that place so damn much. Seems there are many new admissions this year, about 20 of them!!!! Can't wait to go back and see them all... a boy (this new kid from bombay, 12 year old Down's syndrome) already broke a pipe and enjoyed the water shower. Yeah, life was fun there...

Life now is not bad either, there are so many weddings coming up. I want to attend all of them, though I know one won't be possible. It's fun listenin to the wedding talk and all the other stuff that preceeds a wedding. Other people's weddings are so much fun compared to your own.

I've been wanting to meet anju for a very long time, being in the same city and all that. But things haven't been working out (thanks to a couple of very lazy guys, who say 'yes' to everythin then go disrupting all my plans the next day). She's on a pilgrimage tour now (though I know she will check out the cute looking jews more than the historical sites) to Israel... she's visiting the birth place of Jesus and the place where he converted water to wine, the river jordan... etc. I hope she comes back safe and sound in one piece, if she gets kidnapped... I will really miss not being able to read her blog.

Sajeeve is on cloud number raina... sorry nine. Its nice to hear him talking about this new phase in life and talking about sunoj (one's inevitable the other is extremely cute). Shil, haven't spoken to her in a long time now. Nameeta calls me every hour or so... poor thing wants to come here and enjoy the heat, wonder why nobody is allowing her. I get information about my cousins in bombay, from Singapore... how neat is that!

P.S: The title here is a line from Wordsworth's 'Lucy' Poems..... it would be nice to meet these (Shakespeare, Keats, D.H.Lawrence... and the rest) guys some day.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A wedding...

(don't worry, not mine....)

We had gone to Pondicherry last weekend to attend a friend's wedding and it was a cute little hindu ceremonial thing. The hall was practically empty, cause most people turn up for the previous day reception, while only the really really close family members are present during the actual 'thali' tying ceremony which took place at 7am. When we entered, the bridegroom had one end of his attire tied to the girl's pallu and they were walking round the stage... I don't know what this signifies, but I really liked this part of the ceremony. (Enrique's song "you can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love" would have fit the mood...)

Anyway here are a few more pictures taken in/on the way to Pondicherry:
Apparently alcohol is damn cheap in Pondicherry...

The salt farm on the way to Pondicherry.

Sajeeve's bullet proof cellphone, he got hit by a bullet a few days back, but the phone saved his life. (you can see the mark where the bullet hit the glass... pretty amazing huh..)