Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Does it pay to be a real life Princess?

Was just switching through channels last weekend when I came across "Princess Special" on History Channel. Turns out they were movies about the lives of Princess Diana, Princess Grace and Jacqueline Kennedy. The movie they were playing that time was about Jacqueline Kennedy though and this is where I started watching it. So there she was... Jackie, pregnant and very beautiful (although it wasn't her, it's a movie... remember) talking to her senator husband John (the guy in the movie looked much better than the origianl one) . Anyway, the senator had a conference to attend in Paris and during that time, Jackie goes into labour and loses the child. So there she is still amazingly beautiful, with deep sorrow etched on her face... and her husband is nowhere near her side. He was off gallavanting in Europe with other women and his good for nothing friends. He took five days to get to her.... five days while she was enduring acute mental anguish, when she was mourning the loss of her baby... and all that time this guy was roaming around and having fun. From that time on, I was hooked to the movie. Jackie even forgave him his indiscretions (as she put it) and lived with him, she always kept hoping he would give up his philandering ways. Anyway, everybody knows the story... that is not the point. The point is, she actually put up with him... and she was always dignified and elegant and hopeful and dedicated to her children and husband, and she was passionate about the arts and living a good meaningful life. It was a nice show....
Okay, I better get back to reading my book now. Its a book by Joy Fielding, called "Grand Avenue".... the book seems good enough.