Friday, June 20, 2008


What a pair of Jackasses.....

They are father and daughter by the way... they act in this Disney show called Hannah Montana.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Skipping work...

Here's a game I saw on Anju's blog, it's pretty interesting. Set your music player (ipod or itouch or whatever) to the random mode and then answer the questions below. Skip a track to get to the next answer. I use my phone to store songs, cause I just can't carry around too many things when I go out....

"If someone says 'Is this okay?', you say?"
Heal the world by Michael Jackson

"What would best describe your personality?"
Listen to the Radio by Don Williams

"What do you like in a guy/girl?" 
What Kinda Gone by Chris Cagle

"How do you feel today?"  
My World by Avril Lavigne

"What is your life's purpose?"  
Accidently in Love by Counting Crows

"What is your motto?"  
What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

"What do your friends think of you?" 

"What do you think of your parents?"  
Seek Ye First (a Gospel song)

"What do you think about very often?" 
One Thing by Finger Eleven
"What is 2+2?"  
As the Deer (another Gospel song)

"What do you think of your best friend?"  
Nothing New Over the Moon by Le Ann Rimes

"What do you think of the person you like?" 
I Believe in Love by Don Williams

"What is your life story?"  
Write this down by George Strait

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"  
100 Years by Five for Fighting

"What do you think when you see the person you like?" 
I adore you by Nikki Hassman (from the Wedding Planner)
"What do your parents think of you?" 
Halo (One Tree Hill Soundtrack)

"What will you dance to at your wedding?"  
Crawling by Linkin Park

"What will they play at your funeral?"  
We weren't crazy by Josh Gracin

"What is your hobby/interest?" 
There's no limit by Deana Carter

"What is your biggest secret?" 

"What do you think of your friends?"  
Somebody Like You by Keith Urban

"What should you post this as?"  
Something's Never Change by Tim McGraw

Friday, June 13, 2008


I got new speakers in my room, and I am so glad for that. After books, music comes in second on my priority list. I am right now going crazy over Lifehouse’s 'Everything' (I just read that it is actually a devotional song). And I am also reading a rather cute Mills and Boon book called ‘Ring in a Teacup’ by Betty Neels. It’s one of those doctor nurse romance novels and so far it is going good, hasn’t put me off … yet. Though I don’t like the idea of the guy Dr. Linssen being 40 something and the girl Lucy being only 23. Right now they dislike each other, though the doctor actually likes her and keeps ignoring her. And Lucy tries her best to stay out of his way, but they always bump into each other.
I wish I could eat sandwiches now; I miss eating the kind of sandwiches I used to make at my home. I carried lemon rice with brinjal today and that’s hardly appetizing. Anyway, I better stock up on ham & bacon over the weekend.
What else, is happening… I want to see Sex in the City but nobody I live with is ready to watch it with me, times like this, I really miss Nam. My boss just came and told me and Dinesh that he won’t be coming in whole of next week….. we started grinning and the boss was like I know you are happy. To which Dinesh replied ‘Slightly’. No matter how nice the boss is, it is always a relief when the boss is away.
So while killing some time at work I came across a few wildlife pictures taken from this guy’s website. It’s pretty amazing what he has captured… here are a few pictures that I really like.

I like this last picture the best...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

These are a few of my Favourite Smell's.....

Chandrika Soap: Oh man! I love this soap... it smells like Eden, I mean if the Garden of Eden had a smell, this is how it would smell. It has this fresh earthy kinda smell, probably like how our world would have smelt before we started ransacking it.

Revive Liquid Starch: This is another smell I am crazy about. My clothes smell awesome after using this thing, it's like warm sunshine. Whenever I wear these starched clothes I practically fall in love with myself. It's like basking in the glow of a beautiful sunshine day.

Nivea Powder: Oh, this has a wonderful fragrance, I use it all the time for no reason. I carry it in my bag and keep rubbing some on whenever I feel like it. It has an uplifting kinda smell, kinda like angels when they move between clouds. I have images for each smell in my head. Now you know why I get sucked into books... if a mere smell can give me such images, then imagine pages and pages of prose, it literally takes me away, makes me live the character's life.

Calgon's Moonpetal Musk: Anju had given me this once as something to remember her by after college and for other reasons. It's one of the best smells created by man, it pulls you in... keeps you entranced. Smells like a mystical place so far removed from earth, it's like moving into an unfamiliar but astoundingly spellbinding place that can fill up your senses.

Channel's Body Mist: Vinod got this for me and nam when he had come down last year for Tina's wedding. Initially I didn't like it much, t'was a bit too strong nothin like the earthy or the mystical smell. It was just too strong like being stuck somewhere and feeling claustrophobic. Then after a while I learnt to use it properly by holding it far from the body and then spraying it, so that you get covered by a mist. Duh, took me long enough to figure that out. Anyway, I really like that smell now. I spray a generous quantity of it on my handkerchief before I leave for work, so when I travel around the city using the local transport that crosses over many quaint bridges with unmentionable stuff flowing beneath it, I know I will survive.

There are many more smells.. will write about them later...