Monday, February 28, 2011

Corbin and Ralston

Been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, everything and everybody was getting to me... usually I am pretty good at shrugging off insensitive remarks or weird situations, but somehow the past week wasn't going too well and I was close to losing it when salvation came in the form of Easton Corbin. It all happened last Friday when I was home alone (its a rare treat for me to enjoy my own company) and decided to blast the house with accuradio (the online music station that I am crazy about). I was tuned into the country station and singing along with Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley and doing a little hoe down in the kitchen while cooking lunch when I heard this new song that somehow seemed to fill the entire house with a new warmth... it was a good old fashioned country song that permeated the house with its twanginess and country goodness. Easton Corbin weaves magic into his  songs, and I love how he lightened the mood and balanced the destructive forces in my world. 

Another guy that I am going bonkers over is Aron Ralston; the movie 127 hours is based on his book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place and I can't stop admiring the guy and marveling at his courage, wit, fortitude and determination. I am completely in awe of him, the adventures he's been through... rafting, rappelling, climbing mountains and scaling peaks in winter; he takes adventure to an extremely ridiculous adrenaline pumping level. I like the way he infuses humour into a situation of impending doom, like this headline that flashed before his eyes when he narrowly escaped death in the Colorado river: Idiot Engineer drowns in Grand Canyon. Yeah, he has been through harrowing situations before and I guess all those prior experiences gave him the courage and mental capacity to go through with his own amputation. I'm mid-way through reading the book and the more I read about him the more I fall for him... he's just so captivating and overflowing with unbridled energy, he's one heck of a writer too.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known...

I've always found the idea of arranged marriage to be weird... yeah you can blame that on 'The Sound of Music' and the various Disney fairy tales I've watched growing up. I mean after watching Maria and the Captain fall in love and sing in the gazebo who would wanna settle for an arranged marriage. I remember all the drama and the turmoil leading upto my wedding, it was of course arranged and I had absolutely no idea bout the guy. The only thing that caught my interest was his name, he was named after a Shakespearean character in the Merchant of Venice - Antonio. Now, who wouldn't love that name... of course I don't like it when people go 'Oh Banderas', cause I hate Antonio Banderas, I love Antonio Vivaldi though. So I guess what I'm trying to say is God knew what would pique my interest and he sent a character named guy along, knowing that I was crazy bout books and characters. And no, we rarely spoke to each other before we got married and I had met him only twice before the wedding (the first was when his folks had come home to see 'the girl' and then at the engagement), so in all aspects he was a stranger to me and to my family. And I was kinda worried like any normal person would when getting into a new family, so while saying the vows in church (which I never understood in the first place cause I was repeating something after the priest in Tamil) I was like, so God even though I am saying 'I do' what I really mean to say is 'I will try to do', cause I have no idea what You are getting me into, but You usually know best so I'll go with the flow. And now I can almost  see God winking at me, cause He knew everything would turn out fine . I don't think I would have been able to find a better guy myself, I gotta hand it to Tonio's parents... they did a pretty good job bringing him up.

You are probably wondering why I am rambling on like this... well, it's because the same drama is being played again back home with my younger sister and I know exactly how it feels. I know how the parents feel too, if you've read 'City of Joy' by Dominique Lapierre then you'll know how huge a responsibility it is in India for parents to see their kids happily married. The point is the universe has a way of working things out, all we have to do is go with the flow and take initiatives... eventually things will fall into place. There... I'm done with my advice. Now can we all relax and take a deep breath and feel the pulse of the universe beating within us, just follow her rhythm and find your groove along the way. I really should get a life and stop watching 'Dharma and Greg'....

PS: The title is a quote by Carl Sagan an astronomer who was fascinated by our universe.