Monday, November 28, 2011


Been too caught up with work to post anything here... hope everybody's having a nice transition to the most wonderful time of the year. The advent season just started and there's a faint whiff of Christmas in the air. Wish I had time to write down real stuff, bout life... and its happenings, but this coffee place review will have to do for now. 

My favourite place in Madras is the St. Teresa's Church in Nungambakkam, I love the 6:30 evening mass on Sundays... the choir is heavenly and they are the main reason the church is packed to its brim. I think this is the best choir in the city, they are a really dedicated and talented bunch. Okay getting back to point, after mass we usually drop into Barista that is situated next door and it's a nice hangout place. The ambiance is relaxed with soft lighting and the food is the usual stuff you see at cool coffee hangouts. 

The counter where the food is displayed.
The relaxed seating area...

Seating for small groups...

The hazelnut frappe and the Irish coffee frappe we ordered... they were both great.

The chairs there have this coffee mug cut out on them... with the steam rising, pretty cool, huh? 

Monday, November 07, 2011

Dove Poems...

So this Dove campaign is going on at Indiblogger, and I thought of participating in it. The theme is 'Love your hair and it loves you back'... one can write articles or compose poems and I have penned down two poems here, Dove Therapy and Snared by your Hair. Hope you find them interesting. Dove Therapy, describes how I got introduced to Dove and the reason I still stick to it. The poem may have a slightly narcissistic tone... bear with me. The second poem, Snared by your Hair, is written from a guys point of view, I had fun imagining it.

Dove Therapy
Got married, left my home in a village & came to the big city,
Life is different here, everybody always seems so busy.

Had a pretty hard time adjusting & settling down,
What made it even worse-my long black hair was slowly turning brown!

I couldn't believe the damage my hair was undergoing,
I started resenting everything, & troubles started brewing.

Then I chanced upon a friend with silky black locks,
She suggested Dove & since then my worries took a toss.

Dove really works wonders, my hair feels natural again,
I religiously use Dove to maintain my beautiful mane.

Now when I hear others cribbing bout the water in this city,
I just suggest Dove, and watch their world turn pretty.
~ Karen.

Snared by your Hair
There's something mesmerizing bout her hair so sleek,
The way those soft waves brush her glistening cheeks.

Those silky black strands fluttering in the breeze,
Always manage to make my heart rate increase.

The scent of her hair is like the warm sunshine,
It fills up my senses, intoxicating like wine.

When she braids up her mane, she looks almost ethereal,
Those lovely locks fill me with wonder, its surreal.

Now you see why its so easy to fall in love,
With a girl enamoured by Dove!
~ Karen.

Well, what do you think?