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FREAKING MESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know you have a lot of work to do, and you are just sitting there staring at it and can't get to it, you can't do anything about it, cause of these thoughts that keep hovering around inside your head!!!! They swirl, knock each other, create a mess inside ..... and they don't give a damn to REASON!!!!And the worst of the whole lot are the javelin thoughts! These thoughts keep piercing through the others and they keep impinging on the sides of your head, making your head feel like its gonna explode any minute.These javelin thoughts are the question thoughts, they have to know the answer at once or else they will just keep pounding away inside your head. Yeah like I can go around asking folks " Excuse me, my head is exploding, so could you please tell me why you are the way you are???"

Everythin is one big bowl of Avial .... I HATE avial!!!

And CHRIS???? seriously??? are they lacking a hemisphere? Whatever !!! (american idol)
Elvis saved the day though .... he still has it!

Ain't that sweet of him, Abhishek sent this elvis picture.


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