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Some interesting folks .....

A few folks who have kept me busy these last few days ...

Missed that kid, so asked the nuns for his address and visited him at home. As usual he was up there on the window sill, twirling a twine & muching on chocolate. He has this thing for twines, rope, string, rubber band, thread, anything flexible, curly and long .... he keeps twirling that piece around and reducing it into many small twirly pieces.

Jeff Corwin
I like him ..... a lot. He's funny, witty and he is really passionate about his work. You can feel his love and admiration for the animals and his " The Jeff Corwin Show" is always exciting. He just knows so much about animals, every kind of creature ..... heck, he can look at a pile of dung, poke it around a bit and tell you which animal deposited it there!

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Now he is somebody ..... who introduced me to Transcendentalism. Yeah, I never knew that was a word too. What does it mean ..... it's deep stuff with the soul, the universe and cosmos and stuff like that.
Transcendentalism is the belief or doctrine asserting the existence of an ideal spiritual reality that transcends the empirical and scientific and is knowable through intuition.
The term transcendental came from the German Romantic philosopher Immanuel Kant. The word referred to the idea that matters of ultimate reality-- God, the cosmos, the self-- transcend, or go beyond, human experience.

That's me ... yeah I had to sort a lot of things in my head. It was hard work, cause my mind has a mind of its own. It tends to overlook logic and go with that fist sized blood pumping organ, and this can only mean danger. So I had to make my mind do what it was intended to do, think out things logically and reasonably .... it doesn't always work, but this time I was rather proud of the results, though I can tell its slowly waning ... but what matters is that I tried!


Ooh Lala said…
halu! it's great to know that somebody's actually appreciating my blog... moreso, somebody i didn't force to view my blog (which i sometimes do to my friends just so i would feel my writings are not in vain... hehe). i just started blogging and i'm utterly enjoying it. writing has always been one of my greatest passions but at some point, i stopped because of school work. i was still writing but more of major paper researches, reaction papers, and whathaveyou. i have been able to pour my heart out into them but writing out of what's in your heart and not out of requirement is a whole new ball game. this is why i'm using this whole amazing blogging thing to get myself back on the writing track. about my faith, i grew up in a Christian family. even if my parents did all the choosing of religion and church, i never felt like i was being imposed on. i felt that they were investing in so much because my religion is that which always has helped me grow and bloom. i've gone through a lot of trials and it is always my faith which has helped me get through. no other source has even come close to the peace i get to experience in holding on to God. :)
once again, thanks for appreciating my blog! pls do come back for updates, because i will definitely keep this blog updated.
Wolfsong said… come I'm not on the list?? just kidding...
It's interesting all the same.

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