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The curse has been lifted...

The same people who talked a lot about my life and made a big deal that I was not agreein to any proposal... and who drove my parents crazy with worry, by blatantly lookin upon me as though I was a curse to my family... the very same people, who almost made me break the 5th commandment, by perputually harping 'bout my attitude and giving me long winded lectures on how to not expect a dazzling knight on a unicorn... have suddenly turned wise and all proverby. They were spewing forth all divine proverbs about things occuring at the right time and God having a specific plan for everybody... funny, they did not realise this when they were ruining my peace with the parents. Guess there is more chance of me seeing a unicorn than of these folks .... ever changing. Anyway, told folks 'bout Tonio/Tony and this is what they had to say...

Mother (Sr. Magdalene): Ohhhh! He's got a Shakespearean name, I already like him! (yeah, gotta admit the name is nice...)
Shil: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...
Anju: Its your weddin... of course it is a big deal!!!
Naitra : Any Italian origin?
Abid: gud luck ma ..god will bless u
: Remember you are the smartest one... keep it that way.
: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...
Jude: Good for you! (he genuinely meant it, though it sounded funny.)
Anyway, this is what another very nice friend of mine had to say

Joshua: I might get married this year too...
Me: WOW! You gettin married too!!!!!!!
Joshua: IF i get married, it will be this year....
Me: Why, what's wrong with next year?
Joshua: Then it will be with a different girl...

Spiderman: Make sure and then commit... find out everythin now... (he surprisingly made a lot of sense, guess all the swingin from web to web, gives him a lot of time to think.)
Saraswathi: I can't believe this!!! Its great!!! This is wonderful news !!!!!! I am vey happy and excited!!!! (and she really was!!! ;-) )
Zayeem: Karen's gettin married... wow!
Vidhya: What! How! When! Who!
Shil: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...
(my cousin in law school): How do you know whether you both are compatible? Will you be able to understand each other? Are you sure? Is this what you want? ( yeah, she will definitely make a good lawyer...)
Tina: Wow! This is so cool we are gettin married the same YEAR!!!
: Tell me EVERYTHIN in detail... from the beginnin to the end, don't leave out anything!!!
: whats his name... give some more info.. as of now all i know is that he's a man!!! nothing else.. so tell me more
Shil: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...
: Who's the lucky guy?
: Hey, you are gettin my surname...
: Yaar Congratulations....Hope you get all happiness of this world.
: i m shocked...well cant write much m blank...
: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...


Twisted DNA said…
Ok, I am not really sure if you are really getting married (I don't know who Tony is). Congratulations, either way ;)
Yeah I am gettin married next year, gettin engaged this Sunday, the 24th...
thanks anyway ;)
Vishnu said…
Antonio is a nice name... Congratulations!

All those wellwishers, though... dearie me.
How do we know said…
Congratulations!! I can COMPLETELY identify with the friends making parents go nuts and in turn, parents making us go berserk.. but i do hope thats not the reason why u r marrying..

and yes, the wedding.. keep it in December ;-p

(couldn't resist one more PHREE advice.. esp since i know how hated it is!)
The Mahathma said…
way to go!!
Twisted DNA said…
Congratulations on your engagement. Post the details :)

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