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Nativity plays....

Yeah been caroling and practising for the Nativity plays... (one for the school and the other in church). Both came out pretty good.The play in school was funny cause the Down's were dressed as shepherds and Jenson (the smallest shepherd) kept turning behind and asking the teacher "adatha enna... adatha enna..." after each step. Mid way through the dance, Little Rose's head gear fell down and Hansel looked at it for a minute then picked it up and placed it on her head. The autistic kids were angels and as soon as the music started Nadeem covered his ears and ran off stage, Brindha started crying and Venkata kept running into the shepherds... Santa Claus was fun, Raja slowly led him off stage and up to the chief guests. Everybody loved the play in church, the Father was impressed. The little shepherds who ate my head during practice were wonderful today. I'm gonna miss those shepherd boys... practicing with these boys was an event, they used to torture Mary, throw mud on the angels, tell the angels to fly away with their wings, fight with Joseph over his stick, beat the goats (5 year old kids) that follow them, they used to grab Baby Jesus from his cradle, they used to pick up the gifts of the Magi and examine them... they sure made me laugh and want to strangle them at the same time.


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The last few months of 2016 were crazy in so many ways. First there was the money issue (when the higher denomination notes lost their value overnight) which created a mess of economic proportions. The insane queues at banks and ATM's and all the scrambling that was happening to make sense of it all, made November quite memorable.  Around the same time, Trump came out victorious which I thought was pretty hilarious... a sort of validation that people are the same everywhere, based on who we elected here.  Anyway, after the chaos of November, December came with her own brand of drama. I heard of Cyclone Nada, but I was busy in Nagercoil then enjoying a birthday party...Even that was fun, surprising the birthday girl who did not know that I was at the airport with dad. She walks up and down and I'm hiding behind the newspaper pretending to read it, then I see Manoj by her side, and they finally come out and she is hugging my dad and after that I walk up behind her and tap her on t…

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Avila and Fatima

The next day after an early breakfast we set out to visit Avila, which is about an hour's drive from Madrid.
A video of the landscape in Spain... Here, we've just reached Avila... these Walls of Avila were completed between the 11th and 14th centuries and they are the city's defining image. We had a lovely guide, Maria, and she took us around this quaint city explaining about the fortress and the cathedrals.
Another video depicting the welcoming sounds of Avila... the constantly chirping birds over the walled city of Avila are quite captivating, they seem to beckon you in. Avila's charm...  The sun, spilling her beams... 
The church of St. Teresa of Avila Inside the church, mass was just getting over... The chapel dedicated to St. Teresa
The main square in Avila
So after checking out the church of St. Teresa and the museum where her finger is displayed, we started on our way to Fatima in Portugal which is about a five hour drive from Avila.

Stopped on the way to have a …