Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gynaecologists and Redemption...

Okay here's somethin my friends can't put up on their blogs... but it's too funny to leave out.

I heard this from a cousin... a very very crazy cousin. He was at home lazing around... watching tv, when his friends drop in, this guy and girl. So they too make themselves comfortable and everybody is watchin tv, when all of a sudden the girl starts crying... after a few minutes the guy starts crying. My cousin is staring at them dumbstruck... he asks them okay what's up? Then out comes the stick and my cousin is staring at it, wondering what the hell it is... apparently it was a pregnancy test stick and it was positive, and these two (who were boyfriend and girlfriend by the way) were really tearing up over the 'positive' sign. The guy was crying more than the girl it seems... anyway, my cousin then drove them to the Gynaecologist office. So there he is sitting in the office with his friends, when his dad rings up... my cousin was kinda quiet on the phone, so his dad was like where are you, and my cousin says at the gynaecologist office... and his dad goes like what are you doing there... my cousin hardly knows what to say now, so he says will talk to you later or somethin. Then after a few minutes his brother (who is my cousin too) rings up. Apparently the dad had called the other brother and asked him what was going on... so this guy calls and asks him what he is doing... by this time I was laughing too much... to register what happened next.

This one a friend told me, new folks have joined her office and one among them is a jain girl. Now Jains are nice people... they don't hurt living things stuff like that... they do not swat a mosquito even when it feasts on them... they shoo it away. And this jain girl and my friend got into a discussion... the jain girl goes like man does not need anythin. And my friend was like, that's not true, every man needs redemption. And the Jain says no, man does not need anything. And my friend says your founder (or some such holy man) fasted and prayed and lived a life of poverty to gain redemption! That ended the conversation...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Just stand there and look pretty...

Thats what Anju said when I told her I have no idea what's gonna happen tomorrow at the engagement. Anyway, t'was a fun day... after mass the girls started singing happy birhtday in church... and I was staring at them aghast. I mean its a church!!! It was packed with people and the priest was still there talkin to the parishners... anyway after they finished their song, the Father walked up to me and blessed me. The engagement was nice too, lot of folks showed up... Nameeta took a lot of pix's (mostly of herself though)... my brother kept tellin me " I will not put turmeric paste on anybody's head". Vinod rang up so many times during the ceremony. Antonio, Arun and their parents gave me lots of flowers and a nice necklace as birthday gifts. The pictures came out well....
Another ritual in the whole scheme of mankind... has just started.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The curse has been lifted...

The same people who talked a lot about my life and made a big deal that I was not agreein to any proposal... and who drove my parents crazy with worry, by blatantly lookin upon me as though I was a curse to my family... the very same people, who almost made me break the 5th commandment, by perputually harping 'bout my attitude and giving me long winded lectures on how to not expect a dazzling knight on a unicorn... have suddenly turned wise and all proverby. They were spewing forth all divine proverbs about things occuring at the right time and God having a specific plan for everybody... funny, they did not realise this when they were ruining my peace with the parents. Guess there is more chance of me seeing a unicorn than of these folks .... ever changing. Anyway, told folks 'bout Tonio/Tony and this is what they had to say...

Mother (Sr. Magdalene): Ohhhh! He's got a Shakespearean name, I already like him! (yeah, gotta admit the name is nice...)
Shil: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...
Anju: Its your weddin... of course it is a big deal!!!
Naitra : Any Italian origin?
Abid: gud luck ma ..god will bless u
: Remember you are the smartest one... keep it that way.
: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...
Jude: Good for you! (he genuinely meant it, though it sounded funny.)
Anyway, this is what another very nice friend of mine had to say

Joshua: I might get married this year too...
Me: WOW! You gettin married too!!!!!!!
Joshua: IF i get married, it will be this year....
Me: Why, what's wrong with next year?
Joshua: Then it will be with a different girl...

Spiderman: Make sure and then commit... find out everythin now... (he surprisingly made a lot of sense, guess all the swingin from web to web, gives him a lot of time to think.)
Saraswathi: I can't believe this!!! Its great!!! This is wonderful news !!!!!! I am vey happy and excited!!!! (and she really was!!! ;-) )
Zayeem: Karen's gettin married... wow!
Vidhya: What! How! When! Who!
Shil: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...
(my cousin in law school): How do you know whether you both are compatible? Will you be able to understand each other? Are you sure? Is this what you want? ( yeah, she will definitely make a good lawyer...)
Tina: Wow! This is so cool we are gettin married the same YEAR!!!
: Tell me EVERYTHIN in detail... from the beginnin to the end, don't leave out anything!!!
: whats his name... give some more info.. as of now all i know is that he's a man!!! nothing else.. so tell me more
Shil: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...
: Who's the lucky guy?
: Hey, you are gettin my surname...
: Yaar Congratulations....Hope you get all happiness of this world.
: i m shocked...well cant write much m blank...
: When is the wedding? Keep it in February...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin...

One of my favourite people on this planet died yesterday... of a stingray attack. He saw beauty in the most ugly, disgusting, slimy and horrendous creatures. He was a beacon of enthusiasm and inspiration. He loved nature in all it's form. He was reckless and passionate and bursting with energy and fervour. To him nature and all of creation was sacred and beautiful. He loved to waddle in marshy waters and play with giant reptiles, oh man, he really loved those fearsome reptiles. But he would never have used that adjective to describe them. To him they were lovely, wonderful, gorgeous, fantastic, fascinating, magnificent and beautiful. They were his pride and joy, he even named his daughter after his favourite reptile, Bindi. He lived an adventurous life caring for our earth and all the animals in it. His knowledge on wildlife was inexhaustible and his trademark phrases were infectious. It is a terrible loss and I can't begin to imagine what his family must be going through. But I do hope that they carry on his great work and continue to keep his name alive. Well, I know that Steve Irwin is happy in a place that is teeming with all sorts of wildlife and nature, bet he is riding a dinosaur now and yelling 'Isn't he just gorgeous...'
Here's to you mate for teaching us a lot... about the animals you adore and about living life to the fullest.

My pals were rather shaken too by this news... I had to do something. Went to the church and lit a candle for him and lit a few more on behalf of my friends, who felt his loss... especially anju.

Let's see... what have I been upto?

There was an eye checkup camp in school and it was fun... the kids would not allow the doctor to peer into their eyes. As soon as the doctor comes near shining that light into their eyes, they either try to grab that light or they go close enough to bang him on his head. The doc kept muttering they are not focussing.

We celebrated Onam in school. The kids were asked to bring whatever flowers they could find near home and we all made a flower rangoli. We made payasam too and everybody drank a lot. There was this bottle filling competition, where a group of four teachers stand in a line and there is a bucket at one end and a bottle at the other end. The one near the bucket, scoops up water and passes it to the person near him and so on... the last person has to pour the water into the bottle. The group that fills the bottle first wins. That competition had everybody in splits... There were shouts all around like 'Hold your water!' 'What is wrong with your hands, where did the water go!!!'

Went to this exhibiton/fair near Hindu College... and it brought back a horde of memories. Been to this fair with a lot of different people at different times. Been there with the girls anju and shil and bought keychains with our names and the huge spicy pappadam,went on the rides and screamed while being plummeted to the ground. Been there with the cousins from Coimbatore, Suno and Vino. It was funny, cause suno was badly shaken by his ride on the giant wheel, he was close to tears, poor thing. Been there with another cousin Preethi and there was this TV crew filming the fair, we tried avoiding them and dodging the lights and the cameras... but they caught up with us when we were strapped down in our rides. This time went with the girls nearby, Vidhya, Cheryl and Priyanka and seemed like somebody else in me was looking at everything... looking at everythin from a distance.

Been receiving nice surprises from friends. Zayeem rang up after a long long time... t'was nice to hear from him. Vasudha messages after nearly 3 months. And most surprising was abid's offliner tellin me to post somethin on my contemplations page, it's been long since he read something. Got Michelle to join Orkut and had a few interesting conversations with her brother Ryan bout Bratislava and Osama. Sudhir rang up too and it was fun reminiscing 'bout our days in Pune. Caught up with Vibha and Nitin too, on Orkut. The only thing both of them kept asking me was when I was coming there.... Oh yeah, and went to Shantama's place, going that side always brings back memories... anyway, shil had sent my books back and she sent this one tattered book too, Crescent by Laurie Devine. It felt good to hold a book like that, one that has been enjoyed by God knows how many people and the places it must have travelled... and a past owner spilt some liquid on it, a few pages are darker coloured than the rest. Books like these are like relics ... I have another book, The Magician by Raymond E Feist. Found it in some old trunk among a lot of junk. The cover looked interesting and the story at the back had all these fascinating words like alien invaders, rift in the fabric of space and time, orphan boy pug apprenticed to a master magician... anyway read the book and fell in love with it. Have read it many more times in the past and I carry it to places I dread going. Gave it to shil and she loved it too. I think the words of Gollum would describe it right 'My Precious....'