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People and their various roles.....

Just thought of listing out a few people and the roles they play in my world....

* My TV guide: She reminds me to watch Tv.... she knows when the reruns are and I started watching Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, American Idol, etc. because of her. (She used to watch that irritating alien serial too Roswell, that was one silly show)
* My sider: She's on my side, while arguing with the parents.

Manoj and Vinod
* My laughter generators: There's nobody on this world, who can make me laugh like they do.
* My extravagant Genie's: All I have to do is say the word, and the next thing you know its on its way to me. (I have asked for chocolates and books... and they bring them in excess.)

Shilpa and Anju
* My very own Reality tv/Sitcom shows: Their lives are very entertaining. Shil turns everything into an event, while Anju is a magnet that attracts all weirdos out there.
* My psychiatrists: Yeah, they listen and give good advice. At the end of it all, Shil, is ready to bash up the people that have made me lose my sanity while Anju tells me "God's will, will not take you where His power will not lead you"... stuff like that.
* My movie/book reviewers: Their taste is as good as mine.

Mahesh (This boy at school)
My coast clearer: There are huge lizards ( by huge I mean enormous, fat, ugly, disgusting) in the office room. Mahesh makes sure the coast is clear before I enter the office room.

Really sad but stupidly funny joke cracker: That girl is all about the sad jokes you will ever hear, but they sound funny coming from Megha. Eg: Tap dancing is really easy, all you have to do is hold a tap and start dancing.


Atrociously funny oneliner guy: Some of the sentences I remember: The stars were on a mission in the missionary position. He also said something about women being cranky when they have to nurse their dying eggs. 

The kids nearby
Hard rock/ heavy metal entertainers: When they come over, its just noise, noise and more noise.

My Psychoanalyst: She's a regular Sigmund, its fun talking to her.... she asks all these questions and she watches your response, then she gives her verdict. Every single gesture, the slightest nod or laugh is interpreted.

Purple Prose Entertainer: Its fun chatting with this guy, he often uses rich words while conversing, sometimes you have to google them to find out their meaning. He once referred to baptism as 'banishing evil from the psyche'.

Better Person Maker: I know its cliche but I do think its true... he's just so calm and collected when my temper flies all over the place. When no ones arguing back, the steam in your head evaporates after you've had your say. And after a while, you tend to blow up less often... you learn to take things in your stride. 

There are a lot more.... will enter them as & when I remember.


Wolfsong said…
Very nice one! :) I'm so touched. If that anonymous is shilpa, then in an odd sense it makes sense. :p
If it's not her, then there you go, another sitcom.
Ryan said…
woohoo...i made it to ur list...i feel so useful to at least one person in this made my day karen...just like u always do...haaha
you being sarcastic there ryan?
Jude said…
what about me?
wildeyes said…
aiyoooh kavidey...those jokes were not even remotely funny. i think i've said better stuff since then!

but jude you described aptly....purple prose entertainer...hahaha
wildeyes said…
Aiyoooh kavidey... those jokes were not even remotely funny...I've said better stuff since then!

but you described Jude aptly....Purple Prose Entertainer! hahahaha

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