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rj's mj's and sj's

Just thought of listing out a few jokes by ryan (rj), megh' s (mj) & sheena (sj).

Fr. Tony had come over and he started talking about marriages. He said there are 3 categories of marriages. The first 5 % are based on carnal pleasure, they live like animals. The next 90% are marriages of convenience, this is also the problematic group, they have the most number of problems. The next 5% comprises the responsible marriages, these are the marriages that last. Anyway, so ryan and meghs were discussin this... and they came to a conclusion. If you are not playing the game, then you can't go about setting the rules (or categorising).

Here's an rj
me: "Be good, don't do anythin I wouldn't do."
ryan: "I can't promise you that, I am too used to peeing standing up."

This is an mj
Tanya : He's (some guy) not used to people
Tanya's mom: Then introduce him to animals.
Megh's: Better yet, give him a Nokia phone, it connect's people.

An sj
You've probably heard of mandela.... have you heard of tuesdayla, wednesdayla...

Was chattin with this cousin yesterday and he had some very interesting thoughts about girls...
girls are worse than sharks when its their fertility cycle and its good to leave her alone for about 3 days to nurse her dyin eggs. After she takes care of her dying ovaries then things will be better... atrocious isn't he?

PS: Got the idea for this title up here through Tina.


Megha said…
nice oe, so proud of u...the rj n sj were so funny but the mj was the funniest...muhahahhaha
Ryan W.F. said…
Sheena actually makes jokes??? wow i havent seen her in is still watchin medium i guesss hehe..
and OMG!!! which cousin is that? such a male chauvinist..if i said something like gf would shred me to pieces...hey maybe its time you asked him to start reading cosmo might change his attitude a lil...dont worry bro..women aren't so bad after all you know!
Ryan W.F. said…
ok look i got another good MJ ya...if kavitha is kavi and namieeta is nami then manoj should be the richest of all cos he's money!
ryan, you probably know this cousin... anyway, he should be whacked straight on the head. If only more guys were like you ryan striving to understand the female psyche by reading cosmo... I sure am proud of you.
Ryan W.F. said…
ohh another thing bro...don't leave her alone k...please ensure u take the time to massage her whenever possible.....she will really appreciate you for that!
Twisted DNA said…
Nice to see my all Orkut friends here :) You are a fun bunch of people
littlemuch said…
hahaha who is this cousin kavi?
and ryan... muah, u must spread these little snippets of wisdom among other men, it would make life a lot more easier for them
Jude said…
At least you can keep away from sharks, not so with women! And I bet said cousin is actually popular with the girls.

Anyway I found some PMS survival tips... (for men)

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