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What would be a nice wedding gift?

Had a four day weekend for Diwali.... and this city really does celebrate diwali in a grand way.
Saw these cute little diya (lamp) designs outside a shop... I am going to get one of these design making kits when I go home.

Had to select the wedding invitation cards for Arun's wedding, so Saturday was spent working on the invitation script, deciding the pattern and the designs. I am already excited thinking about all the weddings coming up.... I have to start buying gifts. So people who are getting married please tell me what you would really like.
P.S:Charmaineeee you can give it a rest, your wedding is not anytime soon.


Megha said…
ahhhhh, kavideyyyyyyyyy u know me too well :D. i was just gonna type out my list....

anyway how come u buy all these kits n all when ur in ncoil? ur chennai n u wanna buy them in ncoil??

Appletini said…
I like it when people tell me what they want. It may lose it's surprise elemenent, but hey, I want to get you something that you are going to use :)
Carol said…
I'm giving you the list now so that you can start saving money.
1.Washing Machine
2.Dish Washer
3.A Maid

thats all for now
Charmaine and nameeta, you guys will never improve. And nameeta, slave system does not exist in this age... a maid, it seems! Megh's these kits are not there in Nagercoil. There they follow the old fashioned way, squatting.

Appletini, yeah I wish people had asked me what I wanted when I got married. I have so many gifts stacked at home, that I really do not want. (And all you people who do not tell me what you want, will end up getting one of these gifts).
Bungi said…
You know what i am planning to do with my wedding inviation (when i get married that is)? I am going to print my wishlist... That way i won't end with a million wall-clocks and tea sets... Well, those who insist on getting me those can give me the money instead... :P
Anonymous said…
1. a wife
2. a wedding
3. a honeymoon.
thats my list :D
The Mahathma said…
deepika padukone ,rachel weisz,rene zellweger,drew barrymore,jenifor anniston,courtney cox...
Oh Bungi... it doesn't happen the way we want it to happen. I wanted to do the exact same thing, but nobody was even open to the idea.

And sajeeve, you are getting a clock... that's it!
The Mahathma said…
shut up !
Megha said…
kavideyyyy, all those gifts that lying at home, u can give me a few of them, even though its not my wedding. i wont get mad, i promise!
littlemuch said…
yeah u can give me money, throw in some books uve finished reading as well :D

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