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"Everything in life has a beautiful ending... If it isn’t beautiful, then be sure its still not the ending..."

A few good movies I saw last month.....

The Shawshank Redemption: The movie is actually based on a book by Stephen King called "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption". I read this book long back in college, and I remember that the concluding was stunning. The movie captures it beautifully.... I liked the book, it was about hope, a hope so strong and powerful, it makes you capable of facing any adversity. This sentence that Andy Dufresne (the protagonist played by Tim Robbins) says in the movie, kinda stuck with me; "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies".

Taare Zameen Par: I saw this movie when Vinod had come down to Madras, I wasn't expecting anything great, cause let's face it... hindi movies aren't all that good. Anyway, this movie turned out to be awesome. I mean it wasn't just songs or dance or fights.... it was meaningful. The songs were well placed, they actually formed part of the story. It was pretty neat the way they used songs to convey the child's state of mind or the mother's distress. And the songs are wonderful too.... these are the only songs Tonio and I listen to without arguing. (Otherwise he wants to play his collection of Cd's , and I want to listen to country songs....)

The Nativity Story: I saved the best movie for last. This movie was brilliant, I shall let the trailer speak for itself.


Icychips said…
what happens if u die in the middle of the bad part, where's the beautiful part then and how do u know of it?
what's the 'nativity story'?me no look into utube videos much!!
mazhalai said…
i love The Shawshank Redemption.
can see it a 100 times without being bored!! will definately look up the book.
Well shil, I guess its just another way of saying... "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him".
The Nativity story is about the Birth of Jesus... how Mary and Joseph cope with each other and the enormity of knowing that they have been chosen to be the parents of Jesus.

Yeah Mazhalai, very few moives mange to bring out the essence of the book.
Icychips said…
HE only helps those who love Him? or so v r to think? dont ever say that...thats said to naughty n fussy kids and bad people to scare them...that is so not true!!
Megha said…
havent watched the nativity story, it sounds boring, i can just read the bible instead. or if i wait unitl dec, i can hve it read out to me.

but the other two movies were amazing. shawshank was completely diff from wat i thought it wud be, as was TZP. the kid, darsheel, is such an amazing actor. everybody i know who watche it has cried, including guys.
Anonymous said…
meghs u have gay friends ;)
arre shil, you misinterpret it. It never says God loves only those who love him. It means to say that, God loves everybody and wants them to love Him back. But only the people who truly know and love HIM, actually believe that He works for their good. So these people don't lose hope or faith, when life seems too hard on them, they tend to keep trusting in the Lord.
The others are bound to go about blaming God, and causing even more problems, because they don't seem to realise that God knows what's best for them.
The quote actually dwells on the matter of faith and not about who loves whom...

arre Megh's watch the Nativity story, there is no preaching or long winded talks in that, it's a beautiful movie. And yeah, the kid darsheel seems like a pro at acting.

Ryan, bro.. what are you trying to get me into?
Anonymous said…
hahaha sorry.. its just that when im at work yea i dont wanna sign in cos then they have these sign in names on record and all yea. by the way how did u find out it was me?
Vindicated said…
"God loves everybody and wants them to love Him back"
Isn't that a human requirement? To expect something in return for everything that is given?
What according to you really separates God from any normal human? Apart from the awesome baseless controversial stories told by humans (with qualities like jealousy, desire, hate, ego, discrimination, selfishness) and untold powers?

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