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Poetry Attempt...

Was a bit bored one day at work, and the weather outside was so nice, makes you wish you were out there in the open, under the sun, near the waves... my office is located quite close to the sea, and the sea with all its colors is deeply fascinating. Anyway, the sea that day was calm and beautiful when all of a sudden, it's colors started changing, it took on this grayish hue and the sky started darkening... and then it was pure chaos. The winds started chasing the waves, the sky above was bellowing at them both, and the clouds started pouring out it's fury (it rained...)
Anyway, I was watching all this and that's why the attempt at poetry....

View at Work

The dazzling blue sky entrances
The glimmering surface below it
Lulls it to a peaceful cozy dream
That sparkles & kisses the shore.
The rumbling ends this romance
As the waves begin to dance & flit
Provoking the winds to scream
Thereby creating earth's musical score.
Eventually the ripples appear to tease,
And the colors are back to please...

This I actually wrote when I was in the 9th std. (by wrote I mean, I came up with the first six lines in the 9th Std.) Our English teacher, her name was Pressy... she told us to try our hand at writing a poem, and we had to submit it to her at the end of the day. Anyway the next day she said that she had gone through the poems and she found a few that were nice, and that she was gonna read them out to us. Whoever wrote that poem would get an additional mark in the upcoming mid term English paper. And then she proceeded to read my poem... you can imagine my surprise.
Anyway, I came up with the rest of the poem while I was working at the special school. The organization was coming out with a newsletter and they were collecting articles from all the various branches. Mother (Sr. Magdalene) wanted me to submit something on behalf of the school, so I added a few lines to the poem and sent it, and yeah.. they published it. So here it is...
Wonderful Nature
Oh! I admire the wonderful nature
And the beautiful pasture
How sweet the flower's smell,
And the distant ringing of the church bells.
The trees grow to touch the sky
I wish I could fly!
The birds chirping sounds
And the sweet melody of the wind's song
The sparkling brook trickling over pebbles
Or the orchards brimming with colourful edibles
The deafening peals of thunder
Often in the mind of a child, still lingers
The soft fur of the dog lying beside me
The golden honey collected by the bees
The shifting images of fluffy clouds
A shepherd herding his sheep, aloud
All these things and more are a wonder
To the person who stops to ponder.
P.S: I still have that scrap of paper where I first wrote this poem... it felt good to know that the teacher liked it. Anyway, they were a nice bunch... the teachers who taught me in the convent school. They all still remember me and my very popular sister, Nameeta... they sure helped 'build' me and I will always be grateful to each and every one of them.


Carol said…
Wow! Mind Blowing poem.

And it really is a poem, cause i cant understand anything.
Isnt that the whole idea of a good,successful poem?

And yes.Teachers at school still remember you.They ask about you whenever i go to school.and then they end the conv about you in this way 'Nalla Ponnu'.
As though i was this blacksheep and you were this goody goody girl im suppsed to watch and learn form.Sheesh!
Ms.I'm so Good i could crown myself!
mazhalai said…
Why do you call this an attempt? it IS poetry and it is beautiful! Keep it up!
wildeyes said…
namidey, compared to u, she is Ms.I'm so GOOD i could crown myself!

though i normally never understand poems, this is was beautiful kavidey...i think :D
The Mahathma said…
very nice :-)

Pressy --- what a horny name
Carol said…
It wasnt Pressy. it was Prissy Teacher. She was my Science teacher and English Teacher :)
The Mahathma said… a pricky name
wildeyes said…
actually presssy is a horny name. why wud anyone wanna name their child pressy OR it short for stg like priscilla?
Chriz said…
hahaha... the first six poems exactly fits in with the last four lines.. even though it was written after ages...

i know that ma'm
Nam, I know for sure that the poem is nice, since you did not understand anything. And the "Ms. I'm so good I could crown myself!" was really funny.. and kinda true too...

Mazhalai, thanks. But these are just words, anybody can string words together... what you create out of wool/yarn is sheer beauty.

Megh's, thanks... why don't you write poetry. And tell your dad to start a blog too... I am sure he will have loads of stuff to write.

Saj, Pressy sounds better than Pushpak. And I guess it is short for Priscilla.

Chriz, thanks...
Anonymous said…
i was in a choir till the priest told me...u know im sure the angels are singing with you, but hopefully not like you! was the last i ever sang in church :(
candice said…
very nice poem :)
misty said…
too good...

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