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Like seed contains the oil, fire in flint stone, Your temple seats the Divine, realize if you can.

Jovan (my cousin from Bombay) was here last week to take care of an event in Landmark, and it was fun hanging out with him and Beena akka (another cousin). The band Swarathma vowed us all with their lively performance... they did play some entertaining tracks. I liked this song the best, 'Yesu Allah or Krishna, Kaun Bhagwan hai apna?'
The band kept bringing up Kabir (the mystic poet and saint of India) and his teachings in their songs which I thought was pretty cool, since I kinda like Kabir myself (used to study his dohas in school). The band members also believe in a clean and beautiful environment, they discouraged the use of plastic bags... if I hadn't fallen for them already, this did it!
Here is the band...
A folk song...
Here are the cousins...
P.S: The title here is a translated version of one of Kabir's Dohas... it means that even though we see the seed, we do not see the oil that is an inherent part of the seed. It is only seen when energy is used to extract the oil from the seed. In the same way a fire is not visible when we look at the flint stone. However, vigorous rubbing manifests the fire. Same way, Kabir asserts, that our body - the temple - seats the Divine. This divinity is our true self. However, due to our ignorance, we are unaware of this reality. Kabir challenges us in this doha to shed the veils of ignorance and awaken to realize our true self.


Icychips said…
cute! still cute!!:P:D
Thanks shil... do you mean the doha? Cute Doha??? That would be the first time someone has called Kabir's doha, cute!
she means jovan
wildeyes said…
did jovan promise you something in return for this publicity?
Saj, I think she means the drummer, I was tellin her that the drummer guy was cute. I told megh's too, hoping she would go for the event, give support the support and spread the publicity.

Megh's, you never know... Jovan will become famous one day, he'll hang out with britney, miley, taylor swift, bon jovi etc... and I will want to meet these people then. He is our ticket to the stars!!!
Ryan W.F. said…
is that beena's husband?
yes ryan, that is beena'kas husband.

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