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Of nothin in particular...

Saw these T-shirts at a shop and even though the wordings 'YouTube myspace and I'll Google your Yahoo' definitely has a profane connotation (it was at the profane t-shirt section), I thought it was too funny to not pick up. I picked up the other Che Guevara T-shirt for his line at the bottom "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine."

Voting is going on across the nation, and I couldn't vote cause I was not at my hometown. But my sister voted and she was telling me about it... here's the conversation.
Carol: i voted today
Karen: yeha I know, for who?
Carol: for a political party
Karen: which one?
Carol: one that stood for this election
Karen: what's the party's name?
Carol: i dont knwo party name
Karen: nice....
Carol: i know patti's name 'Regina'
Yeah, atleast she is exercising her rights.... I hope you all did too.

Here's a poem I made up about Megha (a cousin who is in law college)... thought of showing her a little support during her exams. Her mom who is my Godmother is a famous lawyer too...

I like to study Intellectual Property
So I can sue corporates and gain notoriety
I don't mind bending laws to suit my will
Cause my mom can bail me out of a cell
One day I'll fall in love and decide to marry
God help him, if he demands dowry!


wildeyes said…
heheheheh this namidey is funnny men...

and thanks for the poem. its so sweet and true :D except the part about my mom bailing me out of a cell. she would kill me
yeah, nam is very entertaining.
And Megh's, your mom will definitely bail you out then kill you.
Carol said…
you making me more and more famous.. now you know how to be a good sister. nice poem about megs.. very funny too..
How come Tonio doesnt comment on your blog anymore.. his comments are funny..
wildeyes said…
yea he has a blog now. so he'll take revenge there.
Ryan W.F. said…
can batteries really last that long??
Nam, Tonio doesn't read my blog unless I force him to.

And Megh's why should he take revenge on me, what did I do?

Ryan, you are becomin more like Pushpak as the days go by... talkin out of context. What batteries are you refering to?
Ryan W.F. said…
i was talkin about the batteries on the radior
candice said…
Doesnt that guy in the Che t-shirt look like the cute doctor from gray's anatomy?

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