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Michael wherever you are, break a leg...

This is how I will always remember him; as the guy who brought a lot of smiles and good times to our childhood. We (the siblings and the cousins) were crazy about him, we used to practise dancing and singing like him... back then he was at the pinnacle of success, there was no other name that could evoke such response and awe in our young minds as that of Micheal Jackson. I remember me and Tina (a cousin) had the biggest crush on him, we used to listen to his songs incessantly and exchange pictures of him, we even wrote to him once... asking him how he made this sound while singing 'Who is it' (notice before he starts singing and after each line he makes a 'hic' sound...)
We were so enamoured by him... and even though along the way we outgrew this phase and went through a whole lot of other phases (Tom Cruise, Leonardo dicaprio, Dylan Mcdermott... and Nam probably remembers the rest) Michael will always remain that guy whose name still evokes memories of togetherness, cousinhood, laughter, goofy dance moves, starry eyed wonder, crazy brothers, the ridiculous costumes (using white socks for the gloves), parents who would yell at us to turn the volume down... in short, memories of childhood.

He was truly the biggest entertainer this world has ever known, I mean even people in remote rural villages knew who Michael Jackson was, such was his stardom... it remains unparalled to this day. Michael I hope you are at peace now with yourself and that you are happy being the person God made you... the cute curly haired boy who made a huge impact on my generation.


Chriz said…
a voice that cant be compared with..

dance moves that no one can copy with precision..

and creativity in combination of dance and voice..

i was expecting the 50th year tour.. i am disappointed now..
Anonymous said…
u r right
when i heard the news of his death, lots of childhood memories came flooding back.
especially the letters we wrote. and the fan mail we wrote
remember the one we didnt want anyone else to read? and vinod and manoj chased us around the house trying to snatch the letter from us?

PurpleHeart said…
RIP the king of pop !!
yep! i cannot believe it! nicely said! i liked ur thoughts for a change
Yeah Chriz, MJ was incomparable...

Tina, I called you up as soon as I knew he was no more. Yeah, I remember those days... some crazy fans we were.

Thanks for stopping by, Sandhya

Saj, thanks... anyway my thoughts are always okay, its your thoughts that ought to be questioned.
wildeyes said…
as a musician, entertainer and performer i thought he was ok. never was crazy about him as you guys.
i felt sad for him cos i thought he was very confused person. even more than the normal individual.
in the first picture on ur post, he looks like how janet jackson wud look if she was white.
Yeah Megh's he was the Capt. Jack Sparrow of the music world, he did have androgynous qualities about him. But he was more a character than a person... you know the shiny costumes, the gloves, signature moves and his songs, that was something that was new and caught the imagination of many folks.

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