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Some really great movies...

The Fox and the Child (Le renard et l'enfant)
This is an amazingly beautiful movie, its a story about this little girl's fascination with a fox and how she roams the mountain side searching for the wild fox. The entire movie is set against the backdrop of some mountains in France and each and every frame is blindingly pure and pristine, it'll make you wish you were living in that little mountainside village instead of in a city thick with smoke and people. Another interesting thing about the movie is that there are hardly any people in it... just the little freckled girl (with her hair rolled up into buns at the side of her head, very cute) and the elusive fox. Kate Winslet narrates the story in English and the movie takes on a documentary tone... oh, don't roll your eyes, when I say documentary I mean it in a good way, like those amazing documentaries on discovery or the natural geographic channel. Watch that movie, you will love it... and then start saving for that trip to France!

P.S. I Love You
This one made me cry like a lunatic, it also made me fall for Gerard Butler. Its a heartwarming story based on the book (P.S. I Love You) by Cecelia Ahern. Now people (like Shil and Megh's) who have read the book earlier (before seeing the movie) claim to hate the movie, cause like any other movie adaptation of a book, many characters and situations have been left out (personally I am glad they excluded a lot of characters and scenes from the book cause the author does ramble on unnecessarily... and I really mean unnecessarily). The only problem with the movie is the 'sleeping with the butt naked guy' (which was totally unnecessary and downright sick) and the lead actress (Hilary Swank), I mean... she hardly looks feminine, she shouldn't even be in Hollywood (same goes for gwyneth paltrow, can't stand her either). Anyway coming back to the story its bout a series of letters that the husband (Gerard Butler) writes to his wife (Hilary Swank) to be read after his death, and each of them end with the words PS I Love You. Gerard has been diagnosed with brain tumor and he worries bout how his wife will cope with the world after he has left it. It's heartbreaking stuff, the part where Hilary dials his number over and over just to hear his voice nearly tore at me. You hit an emotional nerve watching the movie and for sometime all those overwhelming feelings tend to stay with you. You end up being the nicest person on the planet since you are simply grateful for life and all your loved ones... then you watch a movie like Hangover and all that emotional stuff goes out the window. (That was one hilarious movie... Bradley Cooper deserves a post entirely to himself.)

Becoming Jane
Oh, I like this movie a whole lot too, it is loosely based on the life of one of the most influential and famous female authors of all time, Jane Austen. Anne Hathway makes a great Jane and James McAvoy as Tom somebody (I forget his name) is simply wonderful. The scene in the library is hilarious and the other scenes between Jane and Tom will tug at your heart. I like the bittersweet ending, the way Jane and Tom smile at each other after she finishes her reading and the closing shot of Jane's hands resting on one of her books... it says so much. She achieved something more than the life she desired, she achieved immortality... a truly outstanding movie.
Here is the library scene I was telling you about... listen to the dialogues...


Anonymous said…
dont you ever watch any fun movies like bruno or castlemania or team america or roadtrip beer pong???
Well anonymous, the definition of fun varies from person to person. Can't expect the whole world to have the same taste. Anyway, may I know who you are?
Anonymous said…
its me ryan
Ryan, good to have you back... where are you now? How is life?
muddled said…
hey, the first movie sounds good as does 'becoming jane'.
p.s. i love you... didn't like the movie. the book was great :)

bruno and team america are funny though
Hey Tina, did you read PS I Love You, before watching the movie or after it? I think that makes all the difference...
I heard Bruno was crude and disgusting, haven't heard of team america though.
wildeyes said…
PS i love you, the movie, sucked big time. Gerarld butler must have been happy to be away from hilary swank. She looks better when shes potraying a male character, since it doesn't take much make up or acting. I'm reading this book by Cecelia Ahern called 'Thanks for the memories'.will tell u how it is once im done.

Team america is a stupid puppet movie. Bruno is worse.
Megh's how is Castlemania or roadtrip beer?
Anonymous said…
bruno is sooo 2009
Beth Niquette said…
The Fox and the Child sounds lovely. Have you ever seen August Rush? It is the story of a small boy searching for his parents, believing if he plays the music they gave to him, he will find them. It is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever seen.

This movie seems to have that same simple magic.
im sick of hearing abt p.s. i love you...ive started hating it because of hearing girls talking abt it .. i liked butler in 300 better
wildeyes said…
everybody likes butler in 300 better :D
Ryan, it would be nice if you could use your name from time to time instead of anonymous.

Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by, and yes August rush is really something, music is the soul of the story. This movie is brilliant too, nature is the soul in The Fox & the Child.

Pushpak, you should be glad cause after watching movies like that girls learn to appreciate men like you. Ask Raina...

I haven't seen 300 yet, if Gerard's in it, I have to see it now. I heard Ugly truth is pretty interesting too, though I don't like that Izzy female, what's her name... the one who comes in Grey's Anatomy and that dumb alien show Roswell.
so u girls learn by watching movies ... I went to school
you went to school to learn to appreciate women??? I thought that came naturally...
wildeyes said…
katherine heigl is her name, kavidey. and she is very very hot. why dnt u like her??
and i cant blv u dint watch 300...its way way way better that PS I love you.
ugly truth is quite funny. but they cud have cast someone else instead of gerard butler.

i think zak's idea of school is a teeny bit different from ours.
Rashmi said…
The kind of movies you enjoy sounds similar to mine..
You've got mail is awesome!!!
Would like to suggest you some movies
like Notting Hill, 50 first dates, Green Mile, Cast Away etc etc.. Watch these i hope u will like it...

Karen Xavier said…
Hi Rashmi, do we know each other... are you the rashmi I think it is? Anyway, thanks for all the comments. And yes, I did see the movies that you mentioned here, while Notting Hill was really nice, I did not like the leading pair, same with Adam Sandler. Green mile was good, I read the book... and cast away was brilliant.

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