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Disney Vs the real world...

I am sitting here munching on hide and seek biscuits and trying to listen to the rain outside, but the sound of machine guns and people screaming keep breaking the silence... Antonio has entered a hospital and he is firing away at random doctors and patients, he is entering the ICU now. I will never understand how GTA IV and similar games are considered fun, I know its funny when you see them dying like that with blood spurting everywhere, kinda like the kill bill series... but after a while it numbs the senses. And the wrestling games are the worst, they are morbidly cruel and violent... atleast in GTA a bullet ends your life and you are not tortured as in the wrestling arena. Well guys will be guys I guess... but they could be a little less morbid.

Talking bout morbid stuff, the mindless suicide bombings in Peshawar and other parts of Pakistan is sickening what with so many civilians dying. Reading these stories in the paper is heartbreaking, seeing the acute grief on their faces is haunting... everywhere and everyday stuff like this is happening and it makes you wonder bout mankind, what did we learn from the past... I don't know where we are headed. If you ask me I think the problem all starts with boundaries, because of boundaries we have countries and nations... if there were no boundaries we would all belong to the world, we could travel all over and think of the whole earth as our land. I know that doesn't sound right too, problems would still evolve. What then can be done... for us to live in harmony with our fellow beings? I really don't know... on a lighter note I read the following idea somewhere a long time back and it made sense to me... seeing how Walt Disney is always perfect in everything it does, they plan everything from scratch and every project they undertake is a runaway success and since they have been in the business of making people happy for many years, maybe the entire world should be put under their care... knowing their track record they would take pains to make the world a fun and safe place. If everybody is employed and if everybody is happy... all the problems will take care of themselves.

I know, I am just rambling... the rain does put you in a contemplative mood.


Icychips said…
yeah its the boundaries that r the problem esp when India's fieldin & its rainin sixes & fours!!
hehe yeah, horrendous match today, Antonio stopped watching it, he went back to his game. Sad though, sachin played wonderfully a few days back but still we couldn't win. What is happening to dhoni... is he losing his touch? I think these players just need rest...
PurpleHeart said…
The violent games can keep only the men turned on !! Really, I can't stop wondering how could killing and racing be considered fun? I hate it when I wake up to such stuff on a peaceful saturday morning.Such games should strictly be banned ! As if we don't have enough violence like you rightly said. A bunch of military commandos were gunned down by a psychic doctor in Texas last Thursday and watching the families react is seriously heart-wrenching. Yea, if it still rains there, just go back to it - will wash out fear of being in a hard world that it predominantly seems to be..
Yeah, I read bout the Texas shootings in the papers, so sad to get gunned down like that... in a military base, I mean they are not even safe in their own place!
wildeyes said…
ive pretty much stopped reading the newspapers.

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