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Owen Trust Library

There is this library back home that fills me with wonder every time I go there, it's actually an ancient antique looking house that was entrusted to a trust fund to function as a library. And what a library it is, its got that old rugged charm and it warms the cockles of your heart. Every room you enter has got rows of well stacked books and the sunlight just spills over them, and as you go from room to room touching those worn out books and smelling the sunshine... you feel this is it, this is how it should be... this is how paradise probably is. Well, everybody has got their own notion of heaven and this is how I think it will be... anyway, here are a few pictures of Owen Trust Library.

So I've been listening to George Strait lately and he's in one word awesome, he deserves to be called the King of Country, his songs are still rooted deep in the soul of country music. He is like a beacon to the true spirit of country songs. When many country artists are now considered contemporary because of their crossover to a more pop kinda edgy music listening to George Strait is a relief, he still makes you feel like you are out there in the open fields under a blue sky watching the horses stroll by. And when he sings bout love, you really tend to fall in love and that's what this post is actually about.
Should I be worried that when he sings bout love, all I can seem to picture is the Owen Trust Library, I mean what does that say bout me. I mean I do love Antonio and my family and all that, but since I visited the library recently... I keep wanting to go back. Am I becoming too obsessed... ah, who cares, I love that place!


wtf is cockles of your heart
i found
From the moment I open this blog until I close it,I am convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.

and if I have to comment like your other fellow commentors ... "Karen.what an angel you are . You seem to be a divine character ,straight out of the Bible. May there tulips and daffodils surrounding you all the while you spread happiness and joy to the world. We need people like you,to realise that we are the world "
PurpleHeart said…
no no no, I totally agree. I have this deep rooted admiration and love for that place too. It's just one of the finest things that make our little town. And yea, I am going with Zak here - 'cockles of my heart' - that's a new things to know :)
Zak, your last comment is loaded with sarcasm... I hope the same thing for you too.

Sanshya, :o) you said it right, one of the finest things in our little town.
Jebin said…
I agree with your notion of how paradise should be.I share your ideas about Owen Trust Library. It is the best. I checked about Owen on the internet because such a sad thing has happened. The library is going to be closed from April 30, 2010. My life will not be the same without owen trust.
Hey Jebin, thanks for informing me about the Library, it is rather sad indeed. I went there and they said, they were closing it due to some property issues. YMCA (located nearby)has bought all the books, hoping they will open a library soon. Keeping my fingers crossed...
R. Jino Blessil said…
Hello Sir.. I am sorry to say that... at present the beautiful building is in ruins... Just today i searched for some good library in Nagercoil... but couldnt find one. Chitra library closed... Government library not of much use... But i will enquire YMCA about the whereabouts of the books. :)
R. Jino Blessil said…
Hi friends!!! happy newsto u all... All the books of Owen Trust Library is with YMCA now.... they have created a one room library :P ... though it can never come close to the serene glory of Owen Trust.. it is still a good thing that all the books are still accessible... u just need a library membership :D
Dj said…
This is where I grew up. If not for this place, I might not be what I am today. Love this place. I would hv at least for once touched all the books. Me and my dad used to visit this place often. We still talk about it. Miss this place. If there is any way I can contact the people who owned it, please do let me know.
Sita Owen-Shaw said…
Thank you all for your kind comments. My family owned Owen trust library. I will pass your comments on to them. I am so glad it touched so many people's hearts. Thanks Sita Owen-Shaw uk
Sita Owen-Shaw said…
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. My family owned Owen trust library. I will pass on your messages. I'm so glad to hear it touched so many hearts & that it lives on at the ymca.
Sita Owen-Shaw said…
How can I help?

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