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Easter Greetings...

I always wonder why Easter isn't as big as Christmas... I mean who wouldn't want to celebrate the knowledge that death isn't the end of everything, that one day we too will be resurrected and live forever in the Father's Kingdom. It is this knowledge that should shape our lives, if people believed this then they would try to live their temporary life on this planet in a meaningful way... yeah I know, I must have really been into catechism classes when I was a kid and it might be that effect, but its what I believe.

Here is a picture of the Benediction after mass on Maundy Thursday... prayers and adoration go on throughout the night.

So on Good Friday, I went to church a little early and since a really really really nice father (Fr. Richard) was there listening to confessions, I decided to go to him. This is something I learnt a few years back, if you want to make a good confession make sure a sensible father is around, a father who will really listen and speak sense. So I wait my turn and when it arrives, I do my part and then wait for Fr. Richard to speak.... he listened quietly to whatever I said, thought for a moment and then asked me 'What is your goal in life, what is it that you want to be.... as a person?' See, this is exactly why I went to him, some other father would have listened, told me some penance and then moved on to the next person. But Fr. Richard tried to get to the bottom of it. Even the penance he gave me was different, it was more reflective in nature rather than just a repetition of prayers. Last year too when I went for confession to Fr. Samson, I was pleasantly surprised... it was just so nice talking to him, after listening to me he said something that seems to have stuck with me, 'All feelings are natural, we are human and hence we feel... but how we act on those feelings is what determines right or wrong.'

Talking bout fathers, the scandals that are pouring forth from all corners of the globe regarding child abuse by catholic priests is sickening. Where is Dexter when you need him? Anyway, its sick and I know the victims must be scarred for life... God please be with them and do something bout these psycho priests.

May the joy of our Risen Lord fill your hearts and make you delirious.
- as quoted by JB

Happy Easter, folks...

ps: I did not make that cake, I did write those words on it though...


Susan Deborah said…

I still find it hard to imagine the process of 'confession' to a priest. How do you do it? Don't you have second thoughts about sharing something very personal to a priest.


Hope you had a lovely and blessed Easter.

Terresa said…
Love the cake and the adoration of the risen Christ.

I'm with you on getting those psycho priests!!

PS: Thanks for the visit. Stop by for a chocolate chip waffle anytime! :)
Jude said…
Do you think I'm paranoid Karen? Thanks btw.
Susan, I'm guessing you're not a catholic... we hardly go into details with the priest. Its like this, we first reflect on our actions and deeds and then try to find out where we have gone wrong and then we list out our sins to the priests. The usual stuff disobedience, slander, laziness, anger stuff like that... the priest who is also human probably commits the same venial sins from time to time. In fact all of mankind commits venial sins, so anyway the priest tells us or in some instances awakens our senses to discerning the will of God. Of course, when I was a kid it was more of a routine process... but as one grows older it becomes meaningful.
Hope your Easter was wonderful too.

Terresa, I will stop by for those waffles :o)

JB, either paranoid or don't want to be associated with this blog...
Anju said…
Hey! so who made the cake? looks yummy, any how! Gitu made some awesome lava cakes when I went home and mum made cheese cake - it was the most fattening weekend of the year!
I didn't go to church though - although I do agree with you that celebrating the resurrection deserves more, if not the same, importance than remembering the birth of Christ.
Anju, I bought the cake... its the only cake I like in Chennai. Your Easter sounds fun...

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