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The Lion hearted captain and his cubs...

I am so glad for Dhoni and the boys in yellow, they came out roaring when it mattered the most! I was so happy for our captain, I was happy to see him smiling and modestly brushing aside comments (regarding the strategic placing of Hayden in the 19th over) saying 'It's no rocket science'. I could have hugged him for his demeanor and charming attitude... and when he said something like I can't wait to lift the cup I felt my heart swelling with joy. You gotta love our captain Dhoni; his grit, his determination, his nerves of steel, his gut feeling and above all his street smartness is what makes him indomitable. He's one of kind and he's awesome... another awesome guy is Raina. I like the way he fields, the catches he takes are amazing and he's pretty great too. Another player everybody has been talking bout is Murali Vijay, a good looking dude... he batted away to glory a few times and won us some crucial matches.
Our lion hearted captain lifting the trophy with the guys in yellow...

Moving on to other good things in life, the new Limca ad that is doing the rounds is so appealing, the tune is extremely catchy, both the guy and the girl are cute in an ordinary sorta way and the whole ad screams out 'It's summer... go have fun!'

Isn't the guy really cute.... check out his expressions...


Antonio said…
Yeah, Dhoni is one of the best captains in indian cricket. Also good to see him leading CSK in all the 3 seasons of IPL. Its a team effort btw.

Raina is simply brilliant on the field and he is a gift to indian cricket. Never seen an indian player catching like him.

Murali Vijay - We(friends) call him Sura Vijay after his top class show in IPL3. Hope he will have a place in the indian squad..

Having said all this i hate IPL. I want it to be banned. Its too much cricket and it has become a crappy business affair. Im not seeing any spirited play. Some say its all match fixing, not sure whether to believe that or not. I love cricket....seeing IPL matches im afraid i may hate cricket.
Antonio said…
Limca ad is good, but the song is not that great. she has periya manasu :)
Susan Deborah said…
I fully endorse whatever you have said. Chennai Super Kings Rule!!!

Joy always,
mahesh said…
CSK have done a fantastic job.
With the auctions opening again for next season one can expect lots of changes as both Pune and Kochi would like to bid for our talismanic Dhoni.

Let us wish Team India all the best for the T:20 World Cup.

Xander Zander said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Xander Zander said…
Xander Zander said...
Yes im so Glad Chennai Won.... have been a chennai Fan since day 1. Have to wait for the new aictions to find out.. who will be plaiyng in IPL 4.

Highlights of CSK IPL 3

Raina's Feilding

Muralis Batting

Ashwins Bowling

Bollingers Bowling & The catch.

Dhoni's Crucial Batting Against KXIP for the Semis Spot & the punch in the face.

Raina's two catches that were missed by Mumbai in the Finals.

Tonio, I think this is the only post you read completely without me forcing you to.

Susan, it was nice to be on the wining side :0)

Mahesh, hopefully Dhoni will lift the cup again.

Vinod, I too liked that punch in the face, I wonder what he said to himself when he did that. I liked the way Dhoni flamboyantly finished off that match in that beautiful mountain clad region, it was brilliant.
Jane Hamilton said…
Nice post! I love that new for Limca...sitting in this unbearable heat, I would give anything for my chair to turn into a splash of water...oh, well, at least we can watch other people have fun, right?!

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