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Summer sunshine...

Its that time of the year when you take bath at least 3 times a day, get addicted to buttermilk, curse the folks at the electricity board to hell and back when they abruptly shut down the power supply, and wonder why people in a tropical country like India do not dress according to the climate... we still wear saree, salwar kameez's and kurta's in this sweltering heat. Don't you think a tank top with shorts or a skirt would be more comfortable... if I were a celebrity in Tamil Nadu, I would be hauled to court for saying tank tops and our country in the same sentence. In a way I am glad the supreme court ruled in a worthy manner regarding the pre marital sex case that's all over the papers here. If you ask me, it all comes down to a matter of personal choice, its upto the parents to instill values in their children... the children grow up to make their own decisions and who's to say whether its right or wrong. I think people everywhere should adopt the attitude 'Whatever rocks your boat is fine with me, as long as its not rocking on my waters'. With this attitude there would be less man induced trouble in the whole world and we would be one cool calm and collected race.

Talking bout news, the tragic end of the Polish president and his senior ministers in a plane crash in Russia is terribly sad and ironic, to think they were on their way to attend a memorial service... and the obstinacy of their pilot in following the regulations and safety measures led to the death of several dignitaries and the head of the country. God bless all their souls...

Okay now getting back to what we started with, being baked in an oven like summer... even though we can't stand it, we actually don't hate it... I can't imagine life without sunshine. I like it when my clothes dry as soon as I hang them up and turn my back on them, I like the way they smell and feel after taking in the sun. I do like the rainy season too, its nice when you are indoors... but outdoors its a totally different matter. And the clothes too never seem to get dry... they get a dank musty odour which irritates the hell out of me. In summer you tend to eat less and drink more which makes you all the more happy... so yeah summer is cool as long as you don't venture out too much during the day.

The sky in all its twilight summer glory...

Anyone's life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit. Lillie Langtry


Icychips said…
hey-happy summer days!!
what pre marital case - tell me!! u kno they buried the polish heads amid the volcanic ash wit no other heads able to make it for the funeral? his wife died too!!
yeah, I know his wife died, they showed a picture of his daughter in the papers attending her parents memorial. It was sad...
Kushboo (the actress) said something in some interview about how girls should be careful in pre marital sex, use protection and stuff like that. This blew out of proportion, cases were slapped on her left, right and centre saying that she was encouraging pre marital sex in youngsters & that it was against our culture. It reached the supreme court, and they ruled that it was her personal view and so the cases were then dropped against her.
Megha Martins - i could do without sooo much sunshine kavideyyy....i cant believe i have to wait another 8 months for winter to start again.

Karen Xavier - we don't have winter here... just summer and monsoon...

Megha Martins - we had winter here. it was awesome!! i used to sleep with socks :-D

Jovan Martins - you're anyways living in a sauna there

Jude Britto - Why is everyone commenting here rather than her blog

Jude Britto - Chennai winter is quite pleasant as I remember it. For two months you almost believe the place is habitable

Karen Xavier - You mean the pleasant months, December and January.... you really cannot call that winter.

Megha Martins - we had winter until Feb here...from Nov. hell arrived in march.

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