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I feel like Samson (or Agassi according to Puckerman, Glee joke) after his hair was cut off. I got this new haircut and its short, real short... think Madonna-Rain kinda short, but she looks great that's the only difference. I don't know why I keep doing this, I did it once before, 'bout 8 years back, and then suddenly I go and do it again. I wish one of the Crane brothers (preferably Niles) were around to speculate on this kinda behaviour. I think I tend to take out my frustrations on my hair... things keep mounting until one day I finally snap and then before I know it my mind keeps thinking bout getting a short haircut. Its like a volcanic eruption, the thoughts don't stop until I get the damn haircut, and after that I feel miserable for a few days, cause I miss the long hair... I like the way it used to fall on my shoulders and I miss the faint earthy scent it had. Anyway, I made myself sign a written agreement that I would never do it again unless well, circumstances force me to... like old age or sickness.

So this joke on glee that I was talking bout earlier, here it is...
Puckerman : I feel like that guy who lost his powers after he cut off his hair
Santana : Samson?
Puckerman : No, Agassi

That cracked me up, Brittany cracks me up too... she is real cute and one heck of a dancer. I liked the song Jesse's Girl in the recent episode, Finn did a very good job. Kurt is adorable, his rendition of 'Pink Houses' by John Mellencamp had me in splits, his facial expressions were hilarious. He sang the other song Rose's turn extremely well too. I liked the Ice Ice baby song and MC Hammer song on the episode 'Bad Reputation'... the harem pants in the MC Hammer song and the similar steps had me rolling with laughter. The Madonna themed episode was pretty good too.

A few days back while I was overseeing the progress of the construction work on the terrace, this guy in the opposite house was talking a bath on his terrace in the nude... yeah I know!!! Completely naked and oblivious to all the people working on my terrace, the construction site women and me were like what is he thinking... I mean the terrace adjacent to his had kids and they were running about and playing, there were a few elders around too. It was weirdly funny, reminded me of the 'ugly naked guy' in FRIENDS.

It has been raining heavily non stop since last night and I loved every minute of it... got drenched on the terrace today and it felt like home.


its not damn hair cut

its ok to take bath like that
Saj, is that really you, I was expecting some smart ass comment. Anyway, don't become like that when you come home to retire... take bath in the nude I mean, the folks there would be traumatized for life.
i will not react to such provocations anymore. the time has come to maintain calm and be sober .

It would be of great benefit if you disable "Word verification " here
Icychips said…
last time ur dad stopped u!!
scan the document & put it up so anybody can stop u if u feel like tearin it up!!
hahaha - shud've taken a snap of naked guy & posted it to his wife!!
Shil, you would have taken a picture of the naked guy, since that's what you like doing when you go on trips ;o) anyway, the guy was an old man, so I guess its okay.
Anonymous said…
crazy world u live in....why did u have to go and look at all this nasty stuff....thats why muslims never allow their girls to go out....ha ha ha....
Karen Xavier said…
Babith is that you?

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