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I physically, emotionally & psychologically hate them!

I really really hate creeps like this... they bring out the worst in me. Poor Tonio gets a earful when I see these loathsome creatures at home. I rant and rave and cry and scream and generally curse the people who cross my path. And if they give me some lecture bout how these disgusting reptiles keep the house clean by eating other insects, I lose it... big time. I mean if you like them so much, please feel free to cultivate them in the sanctity of your own bedroom. Times like this, I wonder how Jeff Corwin would have gotten along with me... I always tell Tonio that if I hadn't married him I would have married Jeff Corwin, and knowing Jeff Corwin (not that I really know him) he wouldn't like to see any creature (no matter how despicably ugly) treated with contempt and intense hatred.
Here they are having some sort of a sick family conference in the kitchen. When will they become extinct?


I was just googling after reading this and I realised there is a movie called
Antonio said…
We have more for you..
Beth Niquette said…
Egad. What are they? They certainly are, er, startling! Especially those glowing eyes...

Anju said…
Those look really gross! I don't like them either but I don't curse that much... I save my curses for flying insects!
Saj, Tonio, whatever.

Beth, those are ordinary house lizards and they freak me out. Their eyes don't really glow though, its the camera's effect... nevertheless they are definitely evil.

Anju, yeah I know your fear of flying insects... but you can easily swat them to death. These creeps aren't easy to kill, Tonio's dad catches them in his hand and takes them outside... I am in awe of him.
Icychips said…
eeeeeewwwwwwww- he catches them in his hand? yuck!! am gettin shudders thinkin about the creatures! yuck!!
btw - if u feel such intense hatred against these things & start cursin & all that - y dont u get my ever lastin fear of all creatures - humans & dogs alike?

it was hilarious readin about jeff & u!!
I don't know shil, big dogs may be scary... but puppies are cute. Anyway, I do know your lasting fear for canine creatures and I will strive to slowly ease the fear away. I would want this lizard hatred to go too in me...
Yeah, Tonio's dad catches huge ones (I mean really huge) in his hand, its actually cool.
Jane Hamilton said…
EEEEEEWWWW! Those are the UGLIEST things I have seen today!!!

Oh my gawd! I hate these ugly things too!! It's like I have a phobia or something....thank god there is at least one more person who reacts like me to these totally unnecessary creatures....

I don't even know what is their actual purpose on this earth, other than to bring about stomach-churning nausea in me...YUCK and YUCKKKKK!

Okay...i gotta go throw up now!!

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