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Inception... what really happens?

Saw Inception yesterday and boy! oh boy! the movie was complexly entertaining. It was like trying to figure out an Algebra problem, you had to meticulously work out each step to arrive at x (x being what the heck is going on). Once you figure out what is going on, you automatically recheck all the steps to see whether you have arrived at the proper value of x. You're convinced that you've arrived at the right answer and that you've solved the equation, yet there is this niggling doubt, you anyway hand in your paper and the teacher starts correcting it. You stand by watching (in slow motion) as she checks each step and and just before she reaches the last step, you get distracted by your group of friends waiting yonder for you, (its the last period of the day anyway and you just want to get out) so you leave and there's no knowing whether you arrived at the right answer. Who cares anyway, you are with your friends and you are going home... you will talk about Leonardo dicaprio and other cute guys, so why worry bout x. That's exactly how the movie ends... and its freaking driving me crazy. Here's why...  

Does the totem topple, of course it does... it definitely wobbles in the end. This alone would have been enough to satisfy me. But why were his kids dressed in the exact same dresses and they were in the exact same position as he saw them last... that is what gets to me. I know he finally sees their faces, but in the exact same location, how is that remotely possible? 

I wish I had Nolan on speed dial so I could ring him up whenever I want to, ever since I saw the movie I've been thinking 'did this really happen or was it a dream. Okay if it really happened then how come this is happening now or is this a dream too and who exactly are real in this dream..' stuff like that keeps running in my head and I would like to know what the director really thinks happened. 

All the characters did well, I liked Tom Hardy (Eames) and Ellen Page (Ariadne) in their roles, of course Leonardo was the best, he always is. 


have u heard of recursion and stack frames
what... are you tryin to say?
well ... inception is not about silly linear algebra...i am planting an idea in your head...go read up recursion and stack frames

Susan Deborah said…
I guess Nolan wanted it that way and boy! he has succeeded. I am yet to see the film and the rave reviews have made me itch to go and see it. How I wish I had the time to do so.

Joy always,
PurpleHeart said…
The most part of last week was spent reading (rave) reviews of "Inception". Maybe, it's just a little too much for me right now to watch it with all these reviews in mind. And thanks for breaking it into pieces about the totem... :D Spolier alert !!! :)
Candice Martins - the movie was brilliant! your post rings so true. there are so many questions at the end of it! we should watch the movie together.
u drew a lovely comparison with the algebra problem lol
Saj, showing off as usual I see...

Susan, I know we'll get to read an interesting post from your perspective when you finally do watch the movie.

Sandhya, you're right I should have atleast included a spoiler alert :o) Don't worry, I did not give anything away, the movie will still perplex you.
well! if I have to show off ! I should be talking about
say...hmmm..possibly ....numerical solution of stochastic differential equations for modelling financial derivatives with numerical methods...

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