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Gem Cookies...

These are the easiest cookies I've ever made, they bake in no time at all and they look cute, kids are sure to love them. All you need is

100 gms Maida
A tablespoon of baking Powder
2 teaspoons Vanilla Essence
50 gms margarine (or butter, margarine is the cooking butter and it is unsalted)
30 to 40 gms sugar
Milk as required
Gems or M&M's

So mix the butter and sugar together first (I used the crystallized sugar, did not bother to powder it). Then drop in the vanilla essence and beat it up. Add the maida and the baking powder and knead into a soft dough by adding the required quantity of milk. Once you get a soft dough, roll it into coin sized cylinders as shown below.

Refrigerate this cylindrical dough for half an hour. After 30 minutes, chop off cylindrical bits and place them in a greased and floured pan, and just push down some gems on them.

Here they are in a greased and floured pan, looking all colourful. Now lightly dip your fingers in milk and just brush them over the surface of the cookies. Place the tray in a oven and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.

Here they are, see how they have expanded after baking, allow them to cool down for a few minutes and then start munching away.  These are really good and simple, Nameeta told me that I should have placed the gems in a face like pattern, that would have been really cool. So do try that out... make a lot of weird faces and let me know how it turned out. Have fun...


Susan Deborah said…
Yum Yum. The cookies do look delectable.

Maybe you should start an exclusive food blog.

Joy always,
PurpleHeart said…
Very nice looking ! Gems is my favorite candy and to have it in crunchy bites as you eat a cookie should be a luscious feeling. :)
hahaha.. We can call it Alien cookies.. Looks like that only :P
Karen Xavier said…
Susan, Sandhya... thanks.

Joshua, do they look like they came from your home planet? :)
Anonymous said…
Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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