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Heavenly Sunshine...

So my parents were here for a week and it was great.... we spent everyday roaming the city, attending various fairs and exhibitions, visiting relatives and hanging out at all the opulent malls. One of the fairs (a rajasthani one) had a mehendi stall and that's where we got those beautiful patterns on our hands. 

My birthday was fun too, I did not want a boring cake with Happy Birthday and my name on it, so told Tonio  to write something exciting & here's what he did... cracked me up. That's an Irish Coffee Cream cake by the way... 

One night while returning home with the parents we saw this car in front of us... (the picture is blurry, there is never a signal in sight when you need one)

do you see the words on it, Govt of Heaven... and they have a symbol too, that was so cool. Must be some minister... Minister of Mankind or something. 
PS: The title is a beautiful song by Kenny Rogers...


Susan Deborah said…
Hey belated happy birthday! I had my birthday too last week on the 1st. Librans! Yay!
Incidentally, I have seen the car too! I think it belongs to someone from our Church. Not a government official for sure.

Glad to see a post from you. Hope you had a super time!

Joy always,
BackStage said…
nice cake! Oh and I loved that elegant mehendi pattern.. Pretty neat I must say!
Karen Xavier said…
Saj, maybe next year Villa's name... let's see.

Susan, Happy Birthday Girl! Hope your day was fun, my b'day was on the 24th. I kinda thought the car belonged to some church... knew it wasn't a govt. official ;) was just speculating.

Gibsy, thanks... the lady applied it so effortlessly.
PurpleHeart said…
Happy Birthday to you !!! :) You sound refreshed after the week long fun !
cristiano or kaka will be more nicer
mahesh said…
Happy Birthday!!!
May the coming year bring you joy, prosperity and good health.

Cake looks good.

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